Adassi: This is who I am!

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Adassi: This is who I am! 


If you take an artist that has passion for their music, a desire to succeed and a genuine love not only for the game but their competitors, you will get Adassi. Adassi is not your ordinary hip-hop rapper/ lyricist. Adassi is built like no other and is very distinguished in what he does. Motivated by the world he was brought up in and mind set on success, Adassi is an unstoppable force. If you see Adassi, 9 out of 10 times he is working, perfecting, and cultivating his craft. His mission is very simple, to be the best at what he does by his own standards. Not one to follow the pack, but to spearhead any movement he is a part of. With very calm demeanor, Adassi’s contagious passion spreads like wild fire when he enters a room It. Nine5Four had to find out how one man can become an unstoppable force and what does it take to maintain the lifestyle this awesome lyricist has.

Adassi… Thanks for being here with us here at the Starbucks just chillin… We appreciate it...

Let’s get straight to business…

How did you get involved with music?

My dad was a musician so it was only right to follow in his footsteps. In a way it is a way for me to express myself and stay out of trouble.

What kind of music did he make?

My dad is Nigerian and he did soulful music and I picked up on it so now my music touches the soul…

Why rap vs. anything else?

You see that’s my generation... Blues was the 60’s R&B was the 80 and 90’s. Rap is my generation… This is how I talk to me people. Depending on how you word it you can show more feeling in the music and get deeper into the struggle.

With that said, what are you bringing to the game that is different than the rest?

I bring the truth the game and I bring pain, I bring life into the game but most of all I bring common sense.

Common sense? What does that mean? Are you saying common sense in the game?

Well it goes back to me bringing the truth. I don’t bring bulls**t to the game... I don’t lie or sugar coat it. I am not saying it’s not in the game I am saying I am not following the trend... I am me all the time

So who is Adassi?

Adassi is every nigga from the hood… Every youth that is trying to make something for them selves... people who refuse to shut up and speak the truth.

You speak a lot about the truth? Is there a reason for that?

Because everybody is lying these days… I have been lied to enough by everybody so I feel like if somebody tell the truth it will shock everybody. I heard the truth shall set you free so I have a clear conscience and in that sense I am free.

We know that you make hip-hop/ Rap, how is that you come up with your lyrics and style?

First off I make good music it comes from inside me. I hear the beat and I talk to it. It’s just in me a gift that I have and I can’t explain it. I have a way with words and I have to thank god for that.

How did you come up with the name Adassi?

I got it from my mom. It is my middle name and it means through it all he still shines. I was unique enough. Everybody got a lil or a young in their name. I just want to be different and used my own name.

Not many artists use their real names out side of the big ones Pac, Sean John, Sean carter etc. is this what you are going for?

Whenever you doing something you are trying to do it to the best of your abilities. I am not doing what they do I am trying to reach the top on my accord. I am not trying to do them or reach that level if I could i appreciate it. What you hear is me. I am just trying to be me and do what feels good to me. I am not a character and I am not playing a role. I am doing me.

Interesting point. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Just still at the peak of my career and putting on my peers and being very relevant in the music game. I want to be able to take care of my family especially my son. I want to be a best father for my son and give him the life he deservers and what i didn’t have.

That’s pretty cool... Definitely positive. Not many fathers like you in the game right now. Where do you see your music in 5 years?

At it’s peak as well and everywhere. At the top of the billboards. On your radio stations. (laughs)

Who are your biggest influences to your music? And why?

My father, Tupac, Big, NWA, Ghetto Boys, Outkast, TI, Trick Daddy, Beanie Siegel, Keith Murray, old DMX, Al Green, Percy Sledge, Marvin Gaye different genre’s... pretty much good music influences me.

What do you like most about making and performing music?

There is something about hearing a beat like when you hear the beat the beat talks to you it self…its like I’m cheating because the beat already told me what to write and I write… and sometimes the beat the tells me where to go and what to do… and as far as shows it is not a better feeling. You are inviting people into your world. You have to let people know you feel your music. I don’t perform for the people; I bring them into my world. It is INCREDIBLE. That’s what I call it, INCREDIBLE.

Can we hear your music on the radio?

Yea... thanks to Derrick Baker 99 Jamz, DJ Khaled DJ N-Tyce and Irie and all of these local underground stations. It has been poppin’… And 107 in Atlanta.. They are helping me get my stuff put on.

So with those names under your belt, who have you e with collabed with etc.?

As far as working with people I have been privileged to work with the runners, I did a remix to an Akon song that was a thrill and right now we are trying to get clearance from def jam for this Jeezey sample I just did called talk shit it is a movement… Dirty Red, Kaliba, Frank White, Chantele, and various others. I can’t name everybody…

So is your music based on fact or fiction?

My life is a fact. I was there for the whole story when no one else was there… just like a movie we do certain add-ons to out music by being creative… We are very creative I don’t lie but I am creative. I am exactly who you think I am and I am who I am and it is what it is… think what you want and try your luck.

So what exactly is your music about?

It’s about the pain, the struggle, the joy, the sorrow, the happiness. It’s about my life your life our life. It’s the truth… But mainly the struggle… real talk...

What is this struggle you speak of?

Everybody has their own struggle… Single parent trying to feed 5 kids... My struggle is just trying to stay alive trying to eat. Your struggle could be working 9-5 with your old lady still not getting by. My struggle is trying to stay alive period and it is a lot harder than you think…

Is it that bad for Adassi?

Na, I know people who have it worst, I don’t this lit complain, I just cry… but I still have to life and I thank god for every day I am able to see the sunrise and set. I have it good, but at the same time I appreciate what I have and don’t have.

So what’s next for Adassi?

Man, I got 4 mix tapes dropping this month. By the first week of July I should have 4 mix tapes me and DJ amazing. Um DJ J-Nyce, DJ Kreep and DJ Prince, Street League, and I’m still working on that now or never album.

“Now or never”… Who is on it and why the delay for the release?

Now or never is my life story so the delay is because I want to be careful with it. When I dropped it’s a problem it was a classic so when I drop this it has to exceed that mix tape. Plus we are in talks with various labels and in due time we will be picked up and the album will have to be redone. Like I said before we have the runners on it, Thunder Trax, Finesse, Maniac, Bobby Knox, Legacy, and a whole bunch of others I cant remember and when we get that track cleared Young Jeezy will be on the album as a sample and Frank White, Chantele… and a lot of other features. I have a couple of engineers for example Steven Wessel of Karma. So it’s a movement in the making.

What would you like to add if anything to the people reading?

I want to thank everyone that has supported me since day 1 like people that used to hang out from the ol school to the new school thank you. Thanks to all of the radio stations, glacier productions, black title records, just the whole south side of Florida. I thank god for the streets and ain’t nothing changed I’m still Adassi I’m still the trouble man, I’m still Mr. South Side, I’m still the top boss, I’m still the boss of the city, and basically I’m still hollering 2.5... Now or Never homie BOE records is here.

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