One-on-One With Hollywood’s Finest!

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One-on-One With Hollywood’s Finest!

Bringing that fire, that straight heat, JW, WoodBoi, and KP talk about their come-up in the game, the obstacles they face and their plan to TAKE OVER THE 954. Spitting serious flows over hot beats is nothing for these boys. It’s everyday for them. Managed by KP who is plotting a major movement in Broward county is not going to let anything or anyone stand in their way. With major moves being planned, WoodBoi and JW look to have pretty busy schedules. Coming from the streets of Hollywood Fla., WoodBoi and JW maybe what the music game has been waiting for!

Nine5Four: Thank you guys for dropping in and allowing Nine5Four to interview you. I really appreciate it...

KP: no problem

WoodBoi: Na we appreciate it thanks for interviewing us

: I appreciate it... So I had a chance to preview your music... Some pretty good stuff... How did you guys get involved in music to begin with???

WoodBoi: people said I was good at it

WoodBoi: so I kept doing it

JW KNIGHT: I just always had a passion for music

WoodBoi: and I always reflect back to the hood

: Ok... So why rap music??

WoodBoi: I grew around that

KP: it’s something that we are familiar with, grew up around, and could relate to

: I can feel that... So how did you all meet?

KP: well JW and WoodBoi met through MySpace

WoodBoi: ya

KP: and KP met WoodBoi through a homie, I linked up with WoodBoi because he was helping me promote parties

: MySpace... That’s what’s up... So what made you guys decide to work together on projects???

JW KNIGHT: We got good chemistry and we THE BEST IN BROWARD COUNTY

WoodBoi: got it right

KP: damn rite

KP: and we also our work ethic is similar

: WOW... Lol... That’s a big title to bear... The Best in Broward... Have you guys heard the other rappers in Broward??

KP: we get things done w/ no B.S. plus we look out for each other

: Yea work ethic is always a good deciding factor...

WoodBoi: ya we heard of them but we puttin' Broward on the map

KP: a lotta these people out here in Broward are just mixtape rappers

WoodBoi: like you can call Broward a government but we the presidents

KP: chill

KP: the thing I see in myself, JW, and WoodBoi is that we have longevity and presence to go a long way

KP: were original

WoodBoi: ya but really we trying to put Broward on the map

: Lol... I like that... So what do you guys bring to the table that separated you from the rest of


954??? I mean you have some major players in this area like Vickey, Perk, Absoloot, etc...

JW KNIGHT: I never heard of none of them.... but lyrically we on a whole different level and we trying to create a movement for Broward County

KP: Exactly

WoodBoi: Yup we hood music

: Ok... So I guess it is safe to say that you or we are all on the same level... Trying to show everyone what Broward County is all about...

WoodBoi: You a 100 percent on that 1

KP: But we different from the rest of 954 in how we market ourselves and perform at shows

: Really... So what is the difference between your marketing and everyone else’s??

KP: Ok let me tell u

KP: we don’t use people and kick them to the curb to get ahead, we work with a lot of people, show them love and have the mentality that if we work together we can get paid......

KP: we have mixtapes of course

WoodBoi: and our marketing its not only in Broward it’s throughout the whole Florida

: That’s the way good business people work so I can feel you on that...

KP: but we try to do individual hit singles instead of whole albums

JW KNIGHT: I agree hard work equals success and we really work hard by networking and working as a team

KP: its quality over quantity!

: Who would you say are your biggest influences in the rap game and why???

Nine5Four: Lol... I feel you playa... I will edit that for you...

KP: thanks

JW KNIGHT: I like a lot... of artist but my favorite is Ludacris because of his creativity, originally, and versatility

WoodBoi: Our selves, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, TI, etc they represent the hood

KP: for me as a manager "business wise" Master P and P Diddy, but as a rapper Jay Z and Tego Calderon

: Oh so you rap too KP??

KP: yes English and Spanish

: That’s what’s up... So you guys get to bring a unique feel to the game I like that...

KP: I do both

: So what is the next big step for you guys individually, as a movement, and as a company??

WoodBoi: not really because he’s just managing right now

KP: manage 2, but right now rapping is on hold 4 me till I get my money up and gain more experience in life

KP: well the next big step is....

KP: move as individual rappers like what swishahouse did w/ Slim Thug, M Jones, and Paul Wall

WoodBoi: Well our album coming out call Broward movement

KP: they were all a company, but got promoted individually

KP: of course the album is a joint effort

JW KNIGHT: As a movement WoodBoi and I working on a Broward Movement Album and Solo I will be doing mixtape and working on my own projects doing it big for Fort Lauderdale

WoodBoi: and I doing it big for Hollywood

: So you guys definitely keep your hometown in mind... That’s tight... So do you guys have any upcoming shows or live performances???

KP: yes local venues

JW KNIGHT: We're currently planning to do a lot of events to promote our projects but we don’t have any dates as of yet

WoodBoi: Well since the album didn’t drop yet its dropping this June we are working on that next

: lol... Ok... I guess the manager has something’s cooking for yall boys.....

Nine5Four: How long would you say you boys have been on the grind??

KP: yea

JW KNIGHT: I’m 23. I been on the grind since 16

WoodBoi: since I been in the hood

KP: I’m 18 seriously since 14 though

: Ok... So you are all still relatively young in the game... Do you guys look at this as a disadvantage??/

WoodBoi: Na as a advantage because everybody still is learning in their life

WoodBoi: and I got a lot to learn still but I know enough for my age

JW KNIGHT: I see it as an advantage because you get to learn from your mistakes and move forward

: So what would you say was the most important thing to happen in your careers???

KP: both, people gonna try to play u and things like that, like JW said we have time 2 learn from mistake....but I’ve been exposed 2 the 'snake' part of the game 2 much so I look out 4 all of us

WoodBoi: to get signed and touch my fans

JW KNIGHT: Nothing important happened yeah until I see my name on Billboard

KP: exactly

: Ok... So where do you guys see yourselves 5 years from now?

WoodBoi: Signed but still in the hood making more hits

JW KNIGHT: I see Broward County on top in the Rap Game

WoodBoi: Yup

KP: Among rap, hip hop, and Latin hip hops elit

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