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While most 20 year old girls find an escape from life by spending their parents money, Allyse seeks refuge from the daily struggle of life by indulging in her music and modeling career. The talented song writer, model, beat maker and singer reflects back on how she got here today and what her music and modeling career is shaping up to be.
On most days, you can find this musician at school studying for a business management degree. With her eyes on the prize and the journey of life before her feet, Allyse is someone that you must keep your eye on in the near future. Her music is bringing a different sound, a new feel with an old school twist.

How did Allyse get involved with music?
I have always wanted to be an entertainer. So I just figured out how to do everything myself. I learned how to make and record my own music. I also know how to song write. I think that knowing how to write and make beats sets me apart from a lot of other vocalist.

What are the plans that Allyse has setup now?
I am currently working on a CD which will most likely be complete within the next 3 months. In the mean time, I model. I am signed with the Non Stop Modeling Productions agency in Orlando, FL.

Is the CD out for sale yet? If so, where can readers purchase one?
The CD is not out for sale yet. When it is complete, I plan to use it as mostly a promotional tool. As an unsigned artist, my main goal is promotion, promotion, promotion! I will probably sell small amounts over the internet, just to test the waters.

Who has Allyse worked with in the industry?

I have worked with producer Donovan Knowles on a couple of songs.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing your music?
In high school and first two years of college, I would get the majority of my inspiration from my friends. I would use their experiences to write songs. Know that I have blossomed into the mature, intelligent, and unique 20 yr. old woman that I am today; I use my own many experiences and beliefs for inspiration.

Have you performed live? If so, what is it like performing in front of people?
Yes I have performed live many times. I LOVE performing! I’ve been performing since I was five yrs. old! Whether it is gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, or singing, entertaining is definitely one of my favorite things in the world to do, I also feel that it is one of my strengths.

What is the next step for Allyse?
I am really working on putting myself out there. I started modeling professionally recently because I believe that it will help market my music. I want to get my face and music out there for people to see. My ultimate goal is to get a legitimate record deal. I believe that I encompass the drive and determination to reach this goal.

What has Allyse learned about herself writing and singing music?

I have learned that this (music) is what I want to do! I love music and performing. I love being able to express my personality through my song writing and music production.

Who if anyone would you say you are similar to when it comes to music?

Do I have to compare myself to someone else? Ok I will….lol. Well first off, I am inspired by Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Brian Mcknight, Anita Baker, and Janet to name a few. As far as similarity, I can’t really say. I guess a little bit of Janet, Aaliyah, Britney, Brandy. My music takes on many different forms. As far as performance style however, I suppose that I am similar to Janet and Aaliyah, but of course I have to add in a touch of my own style lol.

How long have you been doing music and performing?
I have been doing music since I was in high school (I am now a junior in college, business entrepreneurship major). I have been performing all of my life.

Has Allyse been shopping her music to the majors? If so to who and what is the feedback?

Not yet. I plan on getting my CD complete and getting a couple more performances under my belt before I shop my self to majors. I plan to do so however, in the near future.

Where is your music most popular at right now?
Myspace! Lol I can’t really tell you a particular region, but myspace is definitely a great tool to help get your music out there.

Do you have a job besides music or are you privileged enough to focus strictly on music?

My job is school. I am also a part of a hip hop dance group as well as a modeling agency (I guess you can call modeling a job also). So I really have to use my time management skills to make time for music. But no matter what, I always make time for music, even if it throws of my other activities a little bit.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I see myself signed to a major label with at least two successful albums under my belt. I will have also started my business, probably an agency or label. Maybe I’ll even be married! No kids yet though.

What is your favorite song and why?
Wow I cannot pick just one favorite song! I have three that came in at a tie.
1. One Last Cry by Brian McKnight. I remember always hearing it on the radio as a little girl, coming back from gymnastics practice. It’s such a beautiful song; you can really feel the hurt in his voice.
2. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey. All of Mariah’s songs are my favorite songs; my friends could tell you that. I like Vision of Love in particular because of the writing elements and vocal range. Everything about the song is perfect. Again you can really hear the emotion in her voice.
3. Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition. Mint Condition is amazing! I love the fact that they’re an actual band, and the lead singer can sang! I like how well the music blends with the lead singer’s voice. Each instrument in the song works together so beautifully. I’m a sucker for 90’s R&B/Soul, I LOVE IT!

Who are some of your role models in and out of the industry?
Out of the industry, my family. I look up to my older brother, John a lot. He always handles his business and he always has my back. And of course my beautiful loving Mother and Father! They have ALWAYS been there for me pointing me in the right direction, without locking me down. I am blessed to have parents who fully support my dreams. In the industry, I look up to Mariah Carey as well as Jay Z. Mariah is the ultimate performer/singer, I hope to have the longevity that she has. And Jay Z is one of the greatest music moguls ever. I want to own “20” different business like him one day.

Are you receiving the support of the local market in your area?

Well I haven’t officially put my music on the market. So hopefully I will have their support when I do.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?
Look out for Allyse! I’m coming!
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