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 The UK will never be the same after these guys get through turning night clubs upside down. Producers Scott Garland and Chris Acheson have teamed up to produce some serious dance floor mayhem. Keeping with the funky house vibe and jazz influences, the duo covers many styles of music and manage to mold this into tune after tune of slamming dance grooves. They are already working on several hush-hush remix’s due out this year as well as their own new material. These guys look set to be the remixer’s that people will be talking about in the months to come. Along with their busy schedule in the studio, the guys can be found in many a booth around the world spinning their funky sound whether it be soulful or electro or somewhere in between – it’s sure to have peoples hands, “waiving in the air like they just don’t care.” Let’s get to know these guys that have one of the coolest logos and group name I’ve heard in a while…”Daddy Funk 45.”




How did you come up with the group’s name?

DF45 - Had just been thinking about something really cool and funky, and I was walking through town one day and it just came into my head. I quickly texted it to myself to remember for later because I have about a ten second memory span.



I love your logo artwork. Who is the creative mind behind it and where did the inspiration come from?

DF45 - Chris was the man behind the idea, from coming up with the name, I had an image in my head all ready. Our main artist is Adam Aldridge and he designs our projects for us. He is absolutely wicked and really on the same wave length – which helps.



Give me some background on how the group came together.

DF45 - As usual, this was completely by accident. My saxophonist couldn’t make a gig as he had 'something bigger' on this date. I looked up jazz musicians in the directory and started looking up someone suitable for the gig, an uplifting jazzy saxophonist. I heard Scott play and then we kind of hit it off from there.


Have you performed anywhere? If so, name a few of the locations.

DF45 - God yes....Scott has played all of the main jazz circuits across England / Europe etc. And Chris has worked the big dj circuits across Europe, and within, including most of the major clubs in London.


I’ve listened to a couple of your tracks and I really dig the 80’s type disco/funk club feel it has. How did the crowd receive you the first time you performed?

DF45 - I dropped this at the club the other week, and it got the most amazing response of the night. Definitely the main track of the night without a doubt. I passed on a couple of tracks to Ibizas biggest clubs resident dj, Jonothan Ulyses, and his feed back was also brilliant.


How often do you perform?

DF45 - Weekly mostly, although producing is at the forefront of the bigger picture. So we will slow down a bit to concentrate on getting our work out there to the bigger audience.


I’ve heard your music described as, “serious dance floor mayhem.” Can you elaborate on what that actually mean’s?

DF45 - When you see what happens on the dance floor when we do a live gig, you’ll understand!!!! The place just erupts.


Do you have a desire to perform here in the states?

DF45 - Hopefully we will get to come over to WMC in the next year or two. We have had a few offers this year and last, but unfortunately we were already committed. Hopefully we can make a trip in 2008.


Has music always been a passion or a hobby of yours?

DF45 - Passion without a doubt, for both of us, more so Scott I would say, but I’m buzzing too at the prospect of what’s around the corner for us. We have a brilliant fan base so far across the world and bookings are coming in from all kinds of places.


Who are the influences to your music making?

DF45 - Any one from the 80's, any funk band – Jimmy Castor especially, the Killers, a lot of other stuff too. Moods has a quite a lot to do with it, and the weather.


Who would you compare your music to if you had to pick?

DF45 - I wouldn’t like to put us in the same bracket as anyone. I believe everyone is in their own bracket.


Are you currently signed to a record label? If so, who?

DF45 - We currently are signed to various labels at the moment for singles, as well as launching Daddy Funk Records here in the UK. Come summer, this will be a world wide thing so look out for this in the states, as we have some truly great stuff on its way, along with some very talented singers from the states.


How has that experience been?

DF45 - It’s been both good and bad. We’ve seen the difference in good record company Chris Acheson_DADDYFUNK45.jpgrelations, to the other end of the spectrum which is completely bad. But it has made us stronger and we realize that the only way to control our music how we want, is to be behind our own label.


Do you have a strong following of fans out there?

DF45 - Yes, big time. We are always getting emails, and each gig we do, the following is getting bigger and bigger.


Are there tours planned in your near future?

DF45 - Norway is looking like it’s happening through the summer as well as our usual UK tour.

What can the fans expect to see in a performance put on by your group?

DF45 - They can expect great vocalists and band members for the gig. I always make sure that the rest of the roadies put on one hell of a show. People pay good money and expect something more than the norm to come and see you again. I’m a true believer of standing out from the rest as well, so we always try and go the extra mile in terms of performance and extras.


If you had your choice, where would you absolutely LOVE to play and why?

DF45 - Rio de Janeiro – beach party. It looks wicked! I love carnival music and people, and it’s not pretentious.


What has been the best thing that has happen to the group thus far?

DF45 - There have been many good things, such as meeting talented players from around the world that have blown our minds away.


Scott Garland_DADDYFUNK45.jpgWhat has been the worst?

DF45 - Getting our single dropped by Ministry of Sound but it then went on and got signed by Flawless for release this summer!!! (Shameful plug) ;)


Who does Daddy Funk 45 like to listen to when their not making music?

DF45 - Jamirouqui / funk / soul / jazz / a bit of everything to be honest. Favorite tune of all time – Jimmy Castor – “Hey Leroy Your Mumas Calling You.” Look it up.


How is Hip Hop received in the UK and have you collaborated with any local or international artist?

DF45 - Hip hop is big here. We are going to start work with a great hip hop artist from Germany. She has an amazing voice, “Delayh”', and she is more subtle with a jazzy background, but we have a big project for her to take part in soon.


Has Reggaeton reached the UK? If so, how has the response been by club scene?

DF45 - Not as big from what I’ve seen, but in Bristol and London it’s big. I have checked out a few gigs and it has been wicked and deserves more recognition than what it is receiving. Dub from Atlantis, is a personal favorite of mine.


Tell us about your latest single release entitled, “Dancing Free.”

DF45 - “Dancing Free” was a demo I heard Scott play me a while back, but wasn’t punchy enough for the club scene. I knew it would be good with a little polish up. It features Gerrard Prescener on trumpet who absolutely takes this tune to another level. He’s played with some extraordinary artists such as Herbie Hancock, and Jamoiroiqui. A few remixes of this are floating around and will be on sale in April / May on Tasty Recordings – UK.


How can the readers purchase the new single or any of your music as well as contact you?

DF45 - Www.myspace.com/daddyfunk drop a comment on there !!! :)


What can we expect from Daddy Funk 45 for the rest of 2007 and into the future?

DF45 – We are concentrating on putting out BIG dance tunes and we have some really good stuff on its way out soon. Feel good dance tunes. Keep check on MySpace for dates in the states.


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