AdohrSpirit: Clearing Your Cluttered Thoughts

Written by AdohrSpirit


IMG_8040_TinaatWedding.jpgWelcome to spring everyone,



This is the time of year associated with clearing clutter and making a fresh start. Instead of cleaning the typical area of our life like our closets, bed rooms, and garages; why not clear the clutter in our mind. Let’s clear our minds of all the negative programming and thoughts that we believe to be true; and make a fresh start with thoughts that truly express the essence of who we are. Once all the clutter is cleared we will realize that we are pure positive energy from an infinite abundant source.


First we should start with releasing all of our negative thoughts and feelings. By releasing these thoughts, you will have released everything associated with all your negative feelings. We truly believe that there is some external force or power keeping us from achieving the things we want. We are correct in believing that there is a power or force that exists. But that force or power exists within all of us. What we need to realize is that our thoughts create our perception. And the job of the Law of Attraction is to make your perceptions true. So if you feel that you can’t accomplish something because of your age, gender, religious belief, or nationality, then you won’t. Because the Law of Attraction is very obedient and it yields to whatever emotion is most prevalent. And most times it is our negative thoughts (emotions) that are speaking the loudest.


This is why we need to make a major shift in our thinking. The reason our desires have not manifested is because of our thoughts and beliefs of lack (fear) and limitation that we have established. Until we are able to change the initial thought process that created the limitations in our lives, we will continue to attract and experience the same results. Let me be clear, unless the self-limiting thoughts that created the situation that you are in changes, you will continue to get the same result. This pattern will continue to repeat itself until the thoughts are changed and a different belief is established which will automatically attract the resources or conditions needed for a different outcome. We are taught in today’s society to believe it when we see it. Instead we should practice the spiritual concept of, “Believe it and then you will see it.”


The fact that we continually think limited self-defeating thoughts is enough to allow the subconscious mind to begin the process of what it is designed to do. It absorbs the thoughts as truth, stores it, and begins the process that will actually cause it to happen in the physical world. When it is reinforced with words, (brought into the physical realm) it will actually speed up the process. If you are the type of person that goes through life declaring how horrible everything is, then that’s how your life will turn out. These thought patterns with push you as far away from abundance and happiness as anyone could be. The bottom line is, your thoughts are the initial unseen seed that determines the outcomes that you will experience in the physical world. So let’s go about this month clearing out all the negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with powerful positive inspirational thoughts that will transform our lives.


“As a man thinks in his hearts, so is he.” --- Proverbs 23:7


Your affirmation for the next thirty days is, “My consciousness is filled with healthy, positive, loving thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience”. All is well.


Love, Light and Blessings




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