Cover Girl Next Door: Gianna Simone

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This 17 year old model (she may not look it) is not only pleasant to the eyes but has a very cool swagger to her. Check out her responses to some of the Nine5Four questions.


The Facts

Name: Gianna Simone
Age: 17
Birth Place: Boston, MA
Occupation: model
Nationality: Italian
Favorite Place: with my huge family at the holidays
Favorite Food: spicy tuna hand rolls (sushi)
Favorite Music: if I like a song I like a song - from hip hop to country all kinds


The Photos


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One-on-One With Gianna

Gianna, as pretty as you are, can you recall any Embarrassing moments?

When I was about ten at summer camp I was at the arts and crafts table and everybody was working on their projects and all of a sudden I let out the loudest and longest fart I think I ever did in my life every body whipped their heads towards me and we all died laughing !

So what’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

Many things… the one that came to my mind first was when I was about 12 I climbed one of those big billboards off the highway with my best friend and sat up there and watched the traffic and the sun go down. We thought we were such bad asses!

What do you love most about yourself and why?

My perseverance, determination, and drive to do and live what I love.

Looking through the window: My biggest fear would be someone looking in on me at night outside of my window and me opening the curtain to discover them there.

I’m Not much of a thief: When I was younger I got caught stealing a pack of gum and I was mortified and so uncomfortable I wanted to run away, cry, scream, hide and turn invisible all at once.

Do you have any special skills or hobbies?

I dance ballet, salsa, club, hip hop etc. I’ve also done professional gymnastics for the past eight years I also love modeling and acting that’s is when I get that “at home feeling”

What do you do on the weekends?

I work , go to the gym, try to rest and relax when ever I can

What are some of the things that relax you?

Yoga, meditation, SLEEP lol, relaxing music ( natures sounds, slow instrumental music) and just separating myself from the hectic world at that moment)

What types of foods do you like?

Sushi, turkey wraps, fruits all kinds, and veggies all kinds. For dessert…. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate cake , very very rich dark chocolate, plain straight up cookie dough, and soft baked cookies.

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