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Not many High School teenagers can handle the pressure of maintaining consistent beauty, the stress of a high-paced modeling life, the constant nag of photographers, agents, and directors and go to school full time. Not only does Sy’mone handle all of the above quite well, she has an “A” grade point average and is taking classes that would frighten most adults into early retirement if it became a requirement in the work place. Sy’mone is that rare find in the modeling industry these days. Crediting her “Ugly Duckling” story as the backbone of not only her fabulous look but also her down to earth characteristics and laid back demeanor. As it is plain to see, Sy’mone has the look to go very far in the industry but, modeling is NOT her primary goal. “School comes first!” She proclaims and with her mind focused, I believe this young lady can do anything she puts her brilliant mind to.


Nine5Four: Good Night Sy'mone, How are you doing this evening?

Sy’mone: I'm absolutely beautiful, and you???

Nine5Four: I am great and obviously being beautiful isn't something you have to work at. it seems to be natural based on what I see

Sy’mone: I don't agree, but I’ll take that. Lol

Nine5Four: Ummm... Humble too... I like that...

Sy’mone: Of course! That’s something that I’ll never lose!

Nine5Four:Don't... SO you are young, extremely sexy, super smart, and definitely down to earth...What is the next move for you???

Sy’mone: Just to definitely graduate from high school and go to college and major in Psychology and minor in Pharmacy, and to eventually get my doctorates in both of them

Nine5Four: Wow... Some pretty big plans... At least you have a plan... And you’re modeling? Where does that fit in??

Sy’mone: It depends on where ever modeling takes me...but with any situation you always need something for a back up...let's face one stay's beautiful that makes education a definite number 1 for me I'd just be the first supermodel/pharmacist/psychologist

Nine5Four: umm hmm... not perfect after all... Anyways... You are right; education should be a priority... So what makes you want to pursue the psychology?

Sy’mone: LOL...My bad...I’m such a freakin perfectionist Hmmm....I want to pursue psychology mainly because I love helping people solve their problems and I’m always willing to lend a helping hand...or ear. Even in elementary school I had the nickname "playground nurse" because I would help anyone and everyone who had a "boo-boo"...and to this day every last one of my friends come to me for advice whenever they are having a hard time...and plus, I’ve been through a lot myself and used all the bad times in my life as a learning experience, so why not share the knowledge???

Nine5Four: true...That is serious...

Sy’mone: I mainly want to get in the field of psychiatry though...even though my mom said psychiatrists usually need

Nine5Four: lol... I can understand that... So what does Sy'mone like to do for fun??

Sy’mone: Dance in my room when no one's watching (lol), sing, make insane outfits out of the clothing in my closet, constantly workout till I feel like I can look at myself naked in the mirror and actually smile (haha...), read random books for fun (including the dictionary...sad right?), and spend time with my fam...thats always fun...hmmmmm....I don't know if that it Oh yea....I also practice posing while watching repeats of America’s next top Now that is what I call fun...

Nine5Four: lol... That's all interesting including the naked part... lol... So you like to basically chill at home... Not the party goer... That's cool...

Sy’mone: lol... freakin awesome, right? I do parties every now and then...I mean, don't get me wrong...I love to hang out with friends and shake my "culo," (lol) but parties aren't what they used to be anymore...they always get shut down by dudes who can't act "civilized" for more than 2 minutes and want to start a fight or pull out a gun or's just not worth the risk

Nine5Four: Tell me about it... So how did you get involved with modeling???

Sy’mone: Well, it all kinda started when I walked into a photography building and it just so happened that there was a lady from the Palm Beach post's fashion section in there, and she asked me if I wanted to be a model for a back to school photo spread in the news paper. Before that, modeling was kind of just a dream for me, I saw it on TV. and always admired the girls who did it...but then when I did my first gig and saw how it just kind of flowed naturally for me, and realized that I'm not totally and completely ugly (lol), I decided to make the dream a reality and pursue it full-on.

Nine5Four: Well look where that dream and a little hard work got you; on the cover of Nine5Four... Lol... Wow... How could you think you are ugly? That's crazy. I am pretty sure me and the rest of the guys would agree you are far far far from ugly....

Sy’mone: I know!!! I'm on the cover of like the best freakin' magazine in the world!!

Nine5Four: lol

Sy’mone: But um.....let’s see....I don't know...I've just come a loooooong way from how I used to look and I guess that whole past mentality just kinda stayed with My best friend calls me "The real life 'Ugly Duckling'" I used to be chunky with messed up teeth and a fro that touched my All I can say is thank god for the Subway diet, braces, and

Nine5Four: wow.... Subway diet... I don’t believe it... But if you say so... lol. So how long have you been modeling??

Sy’mone: and thank you :o) I just read your lil I told you....I’m going to send you I've been modeling since about the age of 12....


Nine5Four: well you are obviously built for this but to me the most amazing thing is you are super smart... Brains and beauty....


Nine5Four: that’s always a plus in any girl... its everyman’s type

Sy’mone: Awwwwww...thank you!!! I'm glad to know that....especially the "every mans type"


Nine5Four: Thank your beautiful parents... lol... You’re welcome... Lol... Really??? Keep that in mind for the future...

Sy’mone: Hmmmm....well I guess I can give my parents some playin!


Nine5Four: you owe them all of the credit...

Sy’mone: tiz true....


Nine5Four: lol... So what kind of advice could you offer to someone trying to get into modeling? You have any tips or suggestions?

Sy’mone: Hmmm....Well you definitely have to keep it me, the real "trashy" modeling never gets you anywhere to brag about for a long time. There really is a different between a "model" and someone who just wants to show as much skin as possible. Be sexy and classy, not sexy and trashy. Also, when it comes to looking for agencies, if you have to pay a fee or do "schooling", don't do it...a real agency will represent you and just tell you to get pictures to make up your comp card. And a huge biggie...whenever you go out, always be on your "A" never know who's watching of who you'll run into...


Nine5Four: No doubt... No doubt... So what is the craziest thing you have ever done? Any wild stories to share??

Sy’mone: I have any??? Does streaking or skinny dipping count??? LOL....just playing...oh snap...this is going to take a while to think about...especially since I’m naturally


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