One-On-One with Young Mike

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Nine5Four: What’s good with you tonight??

Young Mike: cooling promoting on the net

Nine5Four: No doubt... So what are you promoting??

Young Mike: I'm promoting my debut album that’s dropping nationwide this year

Nine5Four: Nationwide... Okay that’s what's up... Any distributors in mind or will it be independent??

Young Mike: I signed independent 2 hitman records out in Cali Sony red is pressin the cd up

Nine5Four: That’s hot... So Young Mike, how long you been in the rap game??

Young Mike: I been rapping since 2002 but I been in the industry about 3 years

Nine5Four: So you have been on the grind for 3... Not bad... For those that don't know, where can they hear your music??

Young Mike: they can check me out on MySpace at I been on some mix tape from dj mike Pratt and I’m working on one with j-prince a mix tape before the album

Nine5Four: Prince of The City??? Okay... That should be Hot!!! How did you get involved with music??

Young Mike: I grew up around it my dad was kinda into d.jaying and my uncle was rapper

Nine5Four: Ok... So it was a product of your environment... So what is the focus of your music?? What are you trying to get across with your music?

Young Mike: I rap for the people like me that had a hard life and know about struggles I want kids to be like yo young mike got signed and made millions so I could to I lived in the same hood he came from feel me

Nine5Four: Yea I feel you... So you pretty much take your life and flip into something creative in an attempt to make money... No doubt... So what happens if you don't get what you are looking for? What would be an alternative for you??

Young Mike: I’m from Rochester ny so I expect it to be hard we not nyc but we got our own swag and we hustlas I look at it like if this is gonna be the only album I drop I need to sell enough records 2 enough money get a business of some sort a records label or something don’t spend money to you make 2 much to spend

Nine5Four: Ok... So what type of style would you say you have and if you had to compare yourself to anyone in the industry, who would that be and why?

Young Mike: My style is real street but I do commercial songs for the radio because it's all about sellin records I wouldn't compare myself 2 nobody in the game all the cats I grew up lookin up two turnin into hater I hear them screamin out hip hop is dead like they created it so I lost a lot of respect for those cats

Nine5Four: Wow... So I am guessin you don't think hip-hop is dead? Do you see the gap in the game since the demise of Pac and big or do you feel that the game hasn't changed?

Young Mike: hip hop is alive and well .yeah it's change but everything change hip hop is all of our culture whether you from the north south east or west cats been doing it for a while they deserve to shine the south is what’s popping right now but a north cat aint suppose to hate we got to get out there and grind and shine wit em

Nine5Four: That’s true... I feel you on that... So what's the next move for Young Mike besides promoting the album??

Young Mike: I got a label cash crop inc I got like 7 Rochester artist I’m not takin no more artist deals I’m tryna get at that corporate money so i'ma be shopping for a label deal and start puttin my artist out

Nine5Four: Ok... So who has contributed to the album...? Producers, collabs etc???


Young Mike: I got a production by dj quik and a few bangers from a new comer name battle Roy he touring wit Frankie j right now shouts out to him to thanx for the jump offs

Nine5Four: OK ok... So what is the expected date of drop??

Young Mike: we looking at May 2nd but hitman didn’t really started promoting like they suppose 2 yet so they might push it back 2 June

Nine5Four: Ok... Will you have any live performances before then?

Young Mike: yeah actually we setting up a college tour and I’m hoping wit this mix tape wit j prince I can get a buzz going in his city so I can come do some shows down there

Nine5Four: Well down there is down here for me and that's my hood... Lol... That would be cool to get you down here for some shows... So do you only work on music or do you have a 9-5?

Young Mike: no just school and music I got a buzz up here so I can really work a job

Nine5Four: Ok... So do you have anything else you would like to add for the readers??

Young Mike: yeah ya'll be on the lookout for me this year I’m coming strong and support the movement my label cash crop inc and my first group dot gang and be sure to check me out on MySpace ( I’m on there myself so feel free to hit me and holla at me

Nine5Four” No Doubt... Thanks for allowing us to have this one on one with you... We really appreciate it... We are looking to hear some big things come out of you playa... Keep up the good work...

Young Mike: no doubt and good lookin

Nine5Four: All right playboy... Talk to you soon....

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