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Not many artists in the R&B genre can create music that can carry the title “BabyMaker” version and get away with it. Miraj, however can and does. The term “BabyMaker” refers to a type of music that is played during “Love Sessions”. Artist such as Teddy P., Luther Vandross, 112 and Barry White to name a few have created music to this effect.

Our new generation of R&B singers aren’t old enough to understand this concept, or find this type of music boring, so most of their music is irrelevant to this subject. Miraj is here to re-light that fire in our souls. With awesome vocals and soulful production, Miraj is our generations “BabyMaker” musician. With skills on and off the stage, Miraj lives up to his job title “entertainer” which many can’t seem to do. He is reaching new levels and taking the R&B scene by storm!



How did you get involved with music?
Mainly it just seemed natural – I didn’t try, music just seemed to follow me until I accepted it… I received a lot of help from J-Shin formally of Slip & Slide Records

What Plans do you have set up now?
Right now, we are trying to set up some performances over seas. My song “Southern Girls” is doing really well over there… I’m also in the process of working with other artist in the industry for more exposure.

Is your CD out for sale yet?
Not as of yet – But readers can definitely hit me up on myspace to obtain a CD – but I hear my songs are being downloaded all over the place – Kazaa, Limewire, etc…

Who have you worked with?
I’ve been privileged to work with Trina, J-Shin, Jaheim, Tommy Davidson, Wyclef Jean ... and Miami’s own Blackout Movement

Where does your inspiration come from?

All over, sometimes I sit and play on the piano and let whatever comes naturally take over… is usually sexual type songs though, but there’s definitely a deeper side to me.
What is it like performing in front of big crowds?
I love it!!!! I love to dance so that’s my element. I would much rather spend everyday performing – shout out to my four dancers O, Torrie, Tasha, and Marsha

What is the next step for Miraj?
I’m in the process of trying to take my show to the next level – maybe put something theatrical in it – people always remember my shows and I want to keep it that way

What has Miraj learned about himself thru writing and singing?

That’s there’s so much inside of me, waiting to explode out

Who if anyone would you say you are similar to when it comes to music?
I hate to do the comparison thing, but I hear I few different people for different reasons…. But lets just say I’m trying to create my own footsteps and step out of the shadow of any other artist
How long have you been doing music and performing?

I remember 1st hitting the stage at 8 years of age – so lets say all my life

Has Miraj been shopping his music to the majors? If so to who and what is the feedback?

Yes!!! Still waiting on the right deal – I don’t wanna mention the labels because we still have things being worked out… but what’s meant for me, will be for me

Where is your music most popular at right now?
Surprisingly Europe – I’m on all kinds of downloads, mix tapes, play list, and forums over there… even found a few Charts ranking my song… one of which “Swiss R&B Top 100 (June)”--- Miraj, Southern Girls #14

Has your music been played on the radio? If so what station and what was the feedback?
Yes - 99 Jamz and Power 96 has both played my songs in their mix shows.... I haven’t worked directly with the station, but I am working with local DJs - and they are still putting me in and out the mix shows

Do you have a job besides music or are you privileged enough to focus strictly on music?
I teach Hip Hop Dance for a few dance schools down here “Pro Am Dance School” and “Shall We Dance” - So I guess I’m still in that entertainment circle no matter what

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


Hopefully working on my 3/4th album, and doing a lot of writing for other artist and collabs

What is your favorite song and why?
Definitely the babymaker version of “On My Face” - it is so melodic, I listen to it and forget its me - (outside of me) R. Kelly’s “Trade in my Life” I get lost in that song

Who are some of your role models in and out of the industry?

For sho My Dad... A few guys down in Miami who took me under their wings and forced me to be better at everything, Calvin Roberson, Claude Baker, and Styles - in the industry: P. Diddy, R. Kelly, heck every1 whose out - they made it!!

Are you receiving the support of the local market in your area?

Support? I don’t know. Respect? Yes! - Miami is a hard market, but for what it’s worth a lot of Home team makes sure I’m on the right path

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Jus look out for me - I convinced I was put here for music and that’s what I’m gonna give ya!!

Miraj (mirage); something that is ever changing

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