Sneak Peak: Armond & Ava

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Sneak Peak: Armond & Ava

Here is a sneak peak in to the lives of one of the hottest couples in South Florida. Ava and Armond, both models, both beautiful and both Fitness buffs.
Armond originally from Syracuse New York, is a well spoken guy with his focus set on making it in the world. Currently a Regional Sales Manager, Armond spends his spare time modeling and working out. Aromond has written various articles in fitness publications nationally and has a degree in food and nutrition. Sorry ladies, this guy is off the market. On his arm is the beautiful, well fit, Ava Corwan. Ava is a cool calm collected individual and very easy to work with. When you are around her, you would never guess that she has done the work that she has done.  Ava has graced the covers and blessed the insides of fitness magazines nationally that include FHM, and Planet Muscle just to name a few. Ava is a Certified personal trainer and won the 2005 NPC Southern States and won the overall figure title.  

Both Ava and Armond are doing big things and as a couple, these two are setting the standard. Smart, beautiful, bold and determined to succed, I don’t see anything that can stop them from reaching their goals. See Armond on myspace at and see Ava at
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