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Nine5Four The Magazine Christian Rap Feature Devil Haterr October 2008Growing up in one of the toughest apartment complexes in Ft. Lauderdale, FL will age you very quickly. You get introduced to all of the pitfalls that life has to offer you as it consumes your every awaken moment. A single mother struggles to feed her children and forget about designer clothing for school. Drug deals, fast money and death surrounds you as you begin to suffocate on its addictive rush knowing that one day your card might get pulled. Not too many people get a second chance in life when facing this type of strife. But Freddie Coley a.k.a. “Devil Haterr” is one of those dudes. He credits God for turning his life around and now is looking to give back. With his talent for rapping, songwriting and producing; Devil Haterr is on a mission to show today’s youth that you don’t have to be a dope boy, gangsta or thug to live the good life. He is not in it solely for the fame and fortune; he is trying to do his part by stopping the killing in the hood. And for that, you have to give this brotha his props.

What’s good Devil Haterr? How did you get the name?

DEVIL HATERR - What’s good? GOD is good! Well believe it or not the name came after having a long conservation with GOD. I was mad at the world and had a lot of pain locked up inside me because of what I’ve been through. I was blaming the wrong person for baby mama drama, near-death experiences, losing so many homies to the streets and not being able to get revenge on two men who raped and murdered my 18 month old nephew. I almost went on a killing spree, but GOD convinced me that the devil is the only one I should hate. So, I started hating the devil with a passion that words can’t describe.

That’s heavy my man, sorry to hear about your nephew. How tough was it growing up in CSA (Cambridge Square Apartments) in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida?

DEVIL HATERR - Many people compared Cambridge Square to the movie, New Jack City, because there is only one way in and one way out. It was like the Super Walmart for the streets. Anything you wanted, you could get it from Cambridge Square, 24/7 ,365…and the ring leaders were 14 and 15 year olds. So, the toughest part about growing up in Cambridge Square was not having a lot of alternatives.

What made you decide to become part of the “Thug Life” there?

DEVIL HATERR - I don‘t want to sound cliché, but I did it for survival. My mom had six mouths to feed and our lights were off more than they were on. Eviction notices were on our door, every other month and at the time it was fun playing hide-and-seek with the police, shooting at basers for snatching rocks and making more money in a month than the police made in a year.. Real talk.

I understand that you were pretty heavy in the game too. What transpired that made you walk away from that life?

DEVIL HATERR - It was, what I now call, ‘Signs from GOD’. First, BSO found one of me and my partner Junn stash of weapons. Then, one of Junn’s cousins broke into a safe we had at his aunt’s house! The cousin cleaned it out and left town! My mom found out that I was selling dope, she start searching her house and found dope in the air conditioner vent. She called the police on me... so me and Junn went to Americas, GA to set up a dope house there. We thought we hit the jack pot! But, shortly after we opened up, they raided the house. We escaped but lost a fortune! Then I decided it was better to walk away from the game than to leave on a cart.

Fort Lauderdale was a hot bed (and still is) for talented athletes when you were coming up. Drop some names of guys you knew that went pro and did you not have the same aspirations in order to get out of your situation?

DEVIL HATERR - Albert Connell, Twan Russel, Frank Sanders and Michael Irvin. Yeah, after I stop selling dope, I started playing B-ball.

Why did you decide to turn your energy towards the music industry?

DEVIL HATERR - Because there are no limits… plus rapping about my life is therapeutic for me and I can help someone from making the same mistakes I’ve made.

How long have you been in the game?

DEVIL HATERR - I’ve been grinding for a couple of years now.

What makes your music different than what’s out there now?

DEVIL HATERR - My music lets people know that you don’t have to be a thug with a murder rap; a dope boy in the trap or rep a game to live the good life.

Nine5Four The Magazine Christian Rap Feature Devil Haterr October 2008Have the streets embraced your style of music?

DEVIL HATERR - Yes. My music is the streets thinking out loud!

Nicely put…I noticed that your music is void of profanity use. Is that a conscious effort on your part or do you produce another version of your songs?

DEVIL HATERR - Yes. I don’t use profanity in songs or in conversation. Only one version.

I’m going to do something a little different here. I’m going to test your hip hop knowledge. As you know, Florida has contributed significantly to the hip hop game over the years. So, give me your Top Ten hip hop artist of all time from FLA.

DEVIL HATERR - There are so many artist that help put Florida on the map and I respect them all. But, I think JT Money showed the world that we ain’t just party animals.

Tell me about the song you wrote that is meaningful to you because it is about the life of a close friend of yours.

DEVIL HATERR - The song is called ‘Mercy’. It talks about the night the jack boys tried to get my homeboy Junn for his whip. Junn bucked so they started shooting and chased him. They shot out the windows and bullets hit the head rest. The jack boys got caught at the red light and Junn got away…. Not a scratch on his body. I was suppose to ride with Junn that night, go figure.

Do you think the music industry is ready to promote “positive” hip hop music?

DEVIL HATERR - Of course! I think parents are tired of the negativity and sexual content. I think America in general is ready for a change. Something they can listen to with the kids in the car…with no worries and Devil Haterr’s the One!

Are you looking for a major record deal?

DEVIL HATERR - No doubt, as long as I can continue to do me.

Do you have a full length CD or mixtape out or dropping soon?

DEVIL HATERR - Yeah, I’ll be releasing a CD later this year.

Where do you ultimately want your music to take you?

DEVIL HATERR - Well, I’m working on a book and I plan to do some acting.

Let the readers know where to go to check out your music.


I really dig what you are trying to do for those that are caught up in the game. More artists need to follow your path because we need more “positivity” and less “negativity” in our music today. Thank you for sharing your story. I know you have some shout outs for FLA!

DEVIL HATERR - No doubt, I like to give a big shot out to wife, my homie, my pal, my bosom buddy!!! My bAoy Black Ice, Straight G Ent., Blue Flame Ent. and Wade Jones. All my homies from Cambridge Square, Junn, Pop, Carey G, Buke Daddy, Nard with all the quad, Ronnie G, Pokie, Tisdale, Maurice & Zack, Steve Graham & Johnny Graham, Tony Williams and everybody who been down with me from day one. Much love to my brothers Mike Slim, Cyp and Alton, my baby sis Kiki, my big sis Adrianne and to all my peeps in the 954, 305, 561 and All of FLA!!!! Hey, if I forgot to mention your name don’t get the devil in you!!! I know and you know if you cool with me or not!! So if we cool, holla when you see me!!!!

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