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A whole lot about a person can be said through a photo. Jess, a young model from Zimbabwe, is breathtakingly beautiful, down to earth and intelligent and if I only saw her pictures, I would say she is real eye candy. A new breed of model. “I am a laid back and easy going girl that dislikes arrogance in my men, but I love respect, trust, independence and self goals.”


Name: Jess Dams
Age: 22
Birth Place: Zimbabwe
Occupation: Student
Nationality: New Zealand
Favorite Place: A beach
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Music: The kind that gives you shivers

“Hey, it’s just jelly!”: A friend and I had a bath in jelly. It took a lot of jelly and boiling hot water to make it happen but it was all worth it in the end!

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“Throw dem bows!”: When I first moved to this country I found it hard to understand why some people would start fights for next to no reason. I learned the hard way when I experienced a girl’s knee in my nose, a police woman came over and we pretended it was all ok, I shook her hand and nothing much more came of it. I was luckily too drunk to feel it or fight back!

“Expect the Unexpected!”:
I like a guy that will ask a lot of questions about me and not talk too much about himself. I also like surprises and doing things I don’t or wouldn’t expect.

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