Young Piff

Written by Sky

Young Piff Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewYoung Piff...The Natural High
Hip Hop
New York
United States

This guy has some talent, a sick flow and a way with words. What I like best about him is that he is not on this shoot ‘em up I sell crack hip hop. He is in his own lane, bringing the positive and fun vibe back to hip hop making music enjoyable. His music is something I can see myself jamming to in the car as well as moving to in the club which is hard to find these days. Another thing about this artist that I admire is that he can freestyle over almost any beat and he what he says makes sense, unlike the mumble jumble we hear out of some rappers mouths. His music has emotion and his words have meaning, I find him to be both refreshing and deserving of a place in the hip hop industry, I feel that he can do it justice.

Total Score : 4.5/5

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