Written by Sky

Kyro Nine5Four The Magazine Unsigned ReviewKKyro
Rap / Hip Hop
United States

Another talented Georgia artist who I enjoy listening to for one main reason-he doesn’t front about what he has, instead he raps about what he plans to attain and what he dreams of having. He doesn’t focus on rims and drugs, he raps about abstract topics and personal experience. As an artist he has the image going, the dreads and light skin and his musical skills only add to him, making him the complete package. Although he could stand to get better beats of his own for his tracks, his freestyle on the Fergie “Glamorous” beat, “Gotta Make It” depicts his drive and who he is as an artist, setting him apart from other artists. One of his other songs featured on his MySpace page is his track “Favorite Girl” which has a techno psychedelic feel that’s different and quite enchanting, it’s a song that you can’t help but tune into. Overall Kyro is a new artist that deserves some shine time because I believe he has what it takes to make it big if given the opportunity.

Total Score : 4.5/5

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