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Nine5Four Exclusive interview with 2Real "Super Producer"
2Real: South Florida's Super Producer


His head bobs as he presses keys on his Yamaha beat machine. From nothing, an empty room, to a full blazed track with horns and a bass knock that could wake the dead. 2Real is a magician when it comes to the beats. “That is tight right?” he asks as he bobs his head pressing more keys. “I was going for a gutter commercial feel”. He explains. 2Real composed a hot beat right before my eyes in a matter of 10 minutes. You could practically see the steam coming from his head as he plays melodies on the keyboard on front of him. His fingers and hands glide over the keyboard like a typist at a keyboard. The sounds’ coming out of that machine with him at the helm is ridiculous and to think he is only 22. 2Real is a prodigy, gifted when it comes to sounds and composition and have him tell it (which he will), it all happened over night.

So 2Real, how did you get involved with beats and music?
Man, I have been in music in some shape size or form since I was in elementary school. As A kid I would sing with my brothers. I am the second youngest of five, but back then I was the youngest kid and my brothers and I had a little group. It wasn’t anything real serious just us havin fun. I remember singing at a talent show at my school. That was my first time in front of a crowd like that singing.
I got into this music thing through my mom. She is a very talented woman. She sings, writes, and back in the day she could dance with the best of them. She sort of steered my brothers and I into that direction because there was four boys, brothers, which was unique. Back then I couldn’t see it, but it was.

So your mother influenced you to get into music. How did you get started on the beats?
Basically what happened was people knew I could sing. I have a voice but I didn’t have beats. So I bought this little program to make beats on my play station. (Laughs). They weren’t serious, but this was the beginning for me. This is where it all started. My older brother is a rapper and he was making beats too, so it was like we could do something with this. I was approached by A&R’s about my music but I lacked beats and to pay for them at the time was asinine to me. So that’s how that all started. I began to upgrade my equipment, buying things here and there as I got the money and here I am today. I also learned how to play the piano and melodies. That was a big thing cuz once you understand how to play the piano; the rest is downhill from there.

So you could make any beat that you hear?
What… I can remake anything I hear. I can even mimic styles if I wanted to. For example I have beats in here that could easily pass for Lil Jon, Scott Storch, or Dr. Dre. I have my own style to. I like to mix things up and give a street commercial feel at the same time.

So when did this whole music thing become real for 2Real?



The day people started enjoying my beats. I got people asking for beats all the time and that lets me know that they are tight. I have had different record companies sit down with me about my beats, but nothing has really happened yet because they lookin at me like I’m local, so they wanted stuff for the free and that’s not cool. Makin beats is what I do. It’s how I eat. I put a lot of time into these tracks and a little financial compensation in appreciation of what I do is all I ask (laughs). Naw, but foreal 2Real needs to get paid. I sit here and bang out close to 20 tracks a week. I could produce maybe 10 albums a month and that would be a slow month.

Wow. That’s a lot of tracks. So what type of beats do you make?
I make all kind of tracks. R&B and Hip-Hop mainly. I have like I said before, street bangers, club bangers, R&B soul joints etc. I am very flexible with the beats.

So what inspires you to keep makin these hot tracks?
A lot of things success being the main thing. I would love to see a video or hear my music on the radio. That is like my dream. I am a “Producer” and I make hits; that’s my job. So success and not failing is what pushes me and motivates me to excel in life. I want to be known.

Well from what I hear, a couple underground stations feel you are the next big thing?
Yea. I am a little known on these underground stations because of the beats I provided to a few local cats that get played on theses stations but I am going after bigger things. Underground radio is great. It is the best way to get noticed, but I want to be known on a national level. As far as I got next, it is true. I listen to the radio stations here in South Florida and I hear the deterioration in the beats. You have a few producers still doin their thing like Timbaland, Dre, Storch, and Jon, but my feel is different and that’s why the stations are sayin that.

So what is next for 2real?

Hmm… Well I started to rap... (laughs) I am pretty good. I like being in the booth. My brother has a studio and I just go there and layout the tracks and what not. Maybe my own album? Or a record deal? I am in the works right now to start pushin and promoting my music. So we will se what happens.

Is there anything else you would like to add or say to our readers?
Yea… Keep ya head up in the wise words of the late 2pac. Things can get tough but the tough has to get going if they want to make it. Look out for me in the near future cuz I am dropping bangers. I am working on a Myspace profile now but you can find it at www.myspace.com/2realbeatz . Keep supportin the local talent and thank you Nine5Four for the interview. Be easy!

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