Bekah Ballin

Written by DAWNdada

Bekah Ballin Nine5Four The Magazine Model FeatureDawnDada: Hello Miss Rebekah Varga, or should I say Bekah Ballin’... Thanks for taking time out to do this interview.

Bekah Ballin’: What it do mama, Thank You.

DawnDada: Well let us learn more about Bekah Ballin’... 1st where did the gangsta name come from??

Bekah Ballin’: Shoot.... Because I stay fly and you know this!!! LOL… Just Playing… My girls and I were out for New Years 2007 and the song was played every 2 seconds and we kept doing the dance being crazy, they just started calling me Bekah Ballin’ and it stuck. Ballin’

DawnDada: Ok Miss BB... Where are you from??

Bekah Ballin’: I am originally from New York.

DawnDada: Cool... What brought you to the Dirty South??

Bekah Ballin’: I finished college when I was nineteen and decided to come to Florida where I stayed in Jacksonville for 4 years then came to Lauderdale 3 years ago

DawnDada: What was your major in college besides Ballin’ 101??

Bekah Ballin’: Elementary Education, to be a school teacher

DawnDada: WOW, that’s great. Do you plan on pursuing it?

Bekah Ballin’: No I actually got into the yachting field and that is more my passion right now.

DawnDada: Besides the Yachting field what are some of your other passions??

Bekah Ballin’: Well for starters modeling! LOL...

Bekah Ballin Nine5Four The Magazine Model FeatureDawnDada: LOL… I hope so. What about modeling do you love?

Bekah Ballin’: I absolutely love it, everything about it. I love being behind the camera, portraying different looks, and seeing the end result

DawnDada: How did you get in the game??

Bekah Ballin’: Well actually when I was 16 I was flying to California and was approached on a plane, an agent gave me his card, I met back with him when I got to NY and signed with three different agencies.

DawnDada: WOW, so have you been modeling ever since?

Bekah Ballin’: On and Off. I actually had the chance to do runway when I was 17, but I decided to finish school first, so I got out of it for a little bit. And then over the years everyone would always say “u should model”, or “do you model”. I started getting into it again, after I had my son Kai Babies. My girl DD got me back into it, by recommending me to Glam Hair, Nine5Four Magazine, The G Inc etc… (thanks mama).

DawnDada: Well, I am sure the industry welcomes you back with open arms...What are some of your biggest Modeling accomplishments??

Bekah Ballin’: Besides the cover of Nine5Four Magazine I recently did a Cadillac commercial, I was a main extra in Uncle Luke’s New Video, Eco Friendly clothing line, and I did a few modeling shoots with Gina Diaz of Glam Hair Extensions.

DawnDada: What was it like being in Luke’s Video?

Bekah Ballin’: Where do I start, LOL… 1st I was called snowflake when I walked onto the bus by Uncle Luke…shoot…, then hair wardrobe and makeup got a little crazy, DD called me a Diva, and then it was “shake that booty, move it around” hahahaha.... No it was a fun. Uncle Luke was real chill and cool. VH1 was there filming his new show: Parental Advisory so look for me in August 2008.

DawnDada: Did you meet a lot of celebrities there??

Bekah Ballin’: The video was a G Inc production, so all The G Inc artists were there plus a bunch more, like J Randall, Gabriel Antonio, GST, P Dot & the Back Pack Click, Lu Diaz, Star, Pitbull, Gwop boys, Dj Laz, Lyrikill, Grind Mode, Puppet Master, Britney Star, Jae Baby, comedian Dingbat, Sagia, Ata Gonzalez, Berto Torres, and more that I can’t remember. I need to shot out the director Bobby Viera he does a lot of great productions. I hope you will be seeing me in his show “The Wonderful World of Bobby”… LOL… hint!!!!

DawnDada: Another G Inc production gone GREAT!!! Ain’t no shame in some free promo…LOL. You said you been doing a lot of shoots with Gina from Glam Hair Extensions. Was it fun working with her??

Bekah Ballin’: YES, I am one of her main models. I am actually on her website. She is a wonderful photographer and very easy to work with. The entire staff at Glam Hair Extensions are great. Whenever I go there it does not feel like work. They make me laugh, we have fun and get great shots because there is a level of comfort that is amazing. I have done 2 recent photo shoots with her. She is helping me put together a book. She has worked with some big names too like Miss Miami and more. You can check her out at

Bekah Ballin Nine5Four The Magazine Model FeatureDawnDada: I defiantly agree with you, she is amazing. I did a head shot photo shoot with her last week. I am not a model by far, but I had so much fun faking it. It is definitely hard work. The pics came out great too. Any other photographers or directors you like working with?

Bekah Ballin’: I always meet with a photographer or director before I do a shoot, because I need to feel comfortable enough to be myself, so any photographer or director I have worked with I like. I enjoy some more than others like Gina Diaz, Bobby Viera or Dale Francis… but I like everyone. Shoot dada why you trying to get me in trouble…LOL.

DawnDada: My bad, so moving right along…What is your goal as a Model?

Bekah Ballin’: I love modeling, so just being able to do it is my goal. I aim to be in more magazines and do more videos shoots, I just want to have fun with it. Whatever comes my way I am down for.

DawnDada: Fame and Fortune??                                             

Bekah Ballin’: It would be nice, but It’s not the only reason I model. I do it for me, Kai Babies and because I love it. I believe when you love what you do, you do it your best, and that’s why you’re good at it. I just want to stay true to myself.

DawnDada: Who are some people u want to work with?

Bekah Ballin’: Videos anything “classy” hip hop (Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, etc…), I would like to do some walk on roles and maybe eventually some acting. As far as photographers I will work with anyone with an edgy, urban feel. I like different looks, not just the same plain jane thing. I would love to work with David LaChapelle. I also like some of the work of Benhur Photography.

DawnDada: Those are some ambitious goals mama. I am sure we will be seeing your name in stars very soon. What other hobbies do you have?

Bekah Ballin’: Thanks, I love music, dancing (I would love to be a choreographer, I took dance for 15 years and taught it for 3 years), the night life, but I also like reading a good book, going out for sushi or watching a good movie with friends. Oh and dancing in the skreets with Michael Jackson.

DawnDada: Shoooooot me too!!! What does BB do on a night out on the town?

Bekah Ballin’: Shoot, I tear up the mean skreets of Lauderdale, hanging out with my girls. I prefer to hit up my main spots: Capones, Art Bar, & Mansion.

DawnDada: So have you done anything in the music field?

Bekah Ballin’: Just singing in the shower.

DawnDada: Awesome!!!

Bekah Ballin’: Besides Video Shoots, No, I would definitely like to get into singing. My family is into music, when we get together, I’ll sing with them.

DawnDada: Daing, so you’re all like the Partridge family??

Bekah Ballin’: Fa sho............

Yeah, I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers

DawnDada: Wait did I say Partridge?? I meant Brady.

Bekah Ballin’: Well I’ll take the Partridge family at least they sing........ but the Brady’s... there on some other shiii

DawnDada: True, LOL.... What’s in your I-Pod right now??

Bekah Ballin’: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, TI, UGK, Pac, JT Money, Juvie, Qwote, Ball Greezy, Dj Laz, Pitbull, and so much more.

DawnDada: How can you be contacted?

Bekah Ballin’: I have a myspace page: or you can email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Nine5Four Magazine has my contacts too, so you can always hit them up.

DawnDada: Well BB we wish you luck and Thank You again for your precious time... Any special shot outs you want to give??

Bekah Ballin’: Of course my little man Kai aka boog, bear, I love you. To my family, friends and my girl DD for supporting me and helping me make this happen. To all the photographers, labels, directors and people I have worked with and especially to Nine5Four Magazine for this amazing interview and opportunity.

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