NUMEROLOGY: The Summer Olympics

Written by Adohr Spirit

Adohr Spirit Numerology Summer OlympcsNUMEROLOGY: The Summer Olympics

Adohr Spirit

The 2008 Summer Olympics is scheduled to begin on 8/8 of this year. So I thought it would be fascinating to look at the numerology blue print of this day. And just as I suspected this date adds up to a very fateful number. The number 8 represents eternity, wisdom, learning through experience, stability, patience and responsibility. According to the ancient numerologist, when double 8’s shows up in a blue print, it always points to significant and momentous events. So it goes without saying that the number 8 is an extremely powerful number.

In the case of the summer Olympics, the vibration of the number 8 is going to call for everyone involved to display extreme caution, restriction, and self-control. What stands out most about the 8 vibration is its strength, power and vision. It will call for all of the participants to demonstrate impeccable principles of integrity and authenticity in order to succeed. Greed or abuse of any position of authority will lead to loss and failure. So cheating in order to win would not be a good idea.

With such strong 8 energy in a blue print, the challenge will be to resist the need to go all-out for money and to be consumed by the acquisition of wealth. The 8 is also challenged to utilize the decision-making energy of this number without ordering, intimidating or dominating others. The lesson of the 8 energy is about standing in your power and using it responsibly.

This energy is extremely beneficial to the athletes, because the energy of the 8 emphasizes discipline, effort, strength and the will to win. The 8 also encompasses an excellent sense of balance and rhythm and these are characteristic that all athletes need. Because the energy of this date is also about achievement, success, power and endurance, it will be a day that everyone strives to be their best. As the old Chinese Proverb states, “If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through”.

One last note, the 8 is a karmic number. It operates under the universal law of, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”. So the karmic energy of the 8 is going to call for others to be helpful to those who are not

operating at their best. It is asking that you not forget your friends. Lead them with strength and assurance because this cycle of 8 will surely show you the absolute necessity of sowing good seeds.

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And as always,

Love, Light, and Blessing

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