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Ooge Nine5Four The Magazine Featured Artist

Art & Music are among some of the most important elements of Hip-Hop today. With out them Hip-Hop would not exist. Charles Ugas BKA Ooge is well endowed with both qualities. From visual to lyrical art he posses an overwhelming talent. His story telling rhymes and urban style art bring us back to a day where Hip Hop made sense. Ooge doesn’t hold back on his feelings about Hip-Hop and the industry today in this interview. His witty comebacks and outspoken mind will keep you entertained. His art speaks for itself @ www.misterugas.comRead More




Ooge Nine5Four The Magazine Featured Artist

Art & Music are among some of the most important elements of Hip-Hop today. With out them Hip-Hop would not exist. Charles Ugas BKA Ooge is well endowed with both qualities. From visual to lyrical art he posses an overwhelming talent. His story telling rhymes and urban style art bring us back to a day where Hip Hop made sense. Ooge doesn’t hold back on his feelings about Hip-Hop and the industry today in this interview. His witty comebacks and outspoken mind will keep you entertained. His art speaks for itself @ www.misterugas.com.

My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard during our time together. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed doing it…

DAWNdada: Mr. Charles Ugas, Thank you for allowing Nine5Four Magazine and myself to pick your brain:

Ooge Allnita: What’s Up Dawn deeeeeZ!!!

DAWNdada: You have many aliases’, BUT I am sure I am not the only one who wants to know what exactly is an OOGE???

Ooge Allnita: HAHAHA an Ooge? HAHA wow. It’s the way u pronounce the First part of my last name. Ugas... (OOOOG’ OS) like Ooge’s ass only different.
I don’t know, My boys called me that growin’ up. It stuck... My boys call me OOge, my Mothers calls me Charlie or Stupido (ha! nah I love u mom), my girl calls me Love Muffin or Charles, and that’s it I guess.

DAWNdada: Well Love Muffin, Which do you prefer?

Ooge Allnita: Ooge is good. Thanks. If you get my Boys calling me Love Muffin...I MIGHT have to burn down Florida.

DAWNdada: OK Ooge it is! Where are you from & where do you reside???

Ooge Allnita: BORN in Bushwick Brooklyn, RAISED on the border of both Brooklyn and Queens in Ridgewood. I currently reside in Queens (for now).

DAWNdada: What’s your nationality??

Ooge Allnita: My Mother is from Puerto Rico and my Pops was South American from Chile. Which makes me a ChiliRican!!!

DAWNdada: I did my research and multi-talented would be an understatement describing you. I have seen & purchased some of your artwork and have heard your music. Which talent do you consider your main?

Ooge Allnita: Honestly, Art is like my WIFE!!!--but I cheat on her and I just do music on the side...

DAWNdada: LOL, That’s a good analogy. So, when did you first fall in love with your wife (Art)????

Ooge Allnita: Wow, as far back as I could remember... Inspired by watching movies with my pops, (“R” rated and I was still in pampers! nahh) I used to come home and with the images still stuck in my head, I’d just start Drawing. Stick figures at first…

DAWNdada: WOW, Well I have been on www.MisterUgas.com and there were definitely no stick figures!!!! What kind of artist would you label yourself as… a graphic designer, a sketch artist, a painter, graffiti artist etc.??

Ooge Allnita: I would not say Graffiti Artist, although I’ve had people tell me I have a very GRAF style...Or Urban look, but I was definitely inspired by THAT too. I mean, Movies are one thing but when you’re walking down the block and you see sick ass characters on a huge wall... I’d be like WOW--that’s Crazy. But I can’t put a name to myself. Just “Artist” I do me… I’m just doing what I do... No labels!!!

DAWNdada: Has any of your art been published??

Ooge Allnita: My First published work was a kid’s Coloring book called “Don’t Bug Me” about all these different insects. It was cool...I mean for the time. Then I had a line of Shirts selling out of stores in Manhattan for some time. I also took part in a comic book Series called “Internal Fury: (Vexed Comics) that had its debut At the Jacob Javits in NYC last year. Still working on the series actually...You know, some works here and there...

DAWNdada: That’s Great. CONGRATS... So, what kind of art can someone purchase or order from you and how??

Ooge Allnita: Thanks Love! HA...I mean, I get ALOT of requests for tattoo designs, Logos, and album covers...MOSTLY out of Myspace believe it or not. I just thought to put artwork up (actually a friend of mine Suggested it -Wdup Danny Shaw!”) and it was a wrap...I started getting a MESS of private messages with requests for art, describing what they’ve been looking to do...We exchange info. I get it done. Either I’ll email, Snail mail it, or we meet up if they’re in NY somewhere and BOOM you have a CD with your art in it...even exchange. God bless goodnite...

Ooge Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistDAWNdada: Oh I believe it. I know from experience peep the logo folks!!! Myspace is the industries Best Friend! So, Ooge lets change this interview up a little... lets hit up your mistress...Hip-Hop, You are a very talented lyricist, how long have you been in the music game??

Ooge Allnita: My FIRST rap was in Junior High School for jokes.....HAHAHAAH it was the WORST. haha it was About crack and how Wack it is... *lowers his head in shame*
It was hilariously WAAAAck. But whatever that was my First rap...Wow. That was like 88, 89...I think. But nah, when I REALLY got into rap, it was in 94, 95 when in my opinion, HIP-HOP was THE BEST!!!! Mannn WHERE ARE YOU TRUE HIP-HOP I MISS YOU?!?!?!
I just started rapping for fun really, recording my own lil’ albums on Cassette tapes, Showing em off to my Boys, (the ALLNITA-wdup my dudes!) and it pretty much kept going from there... from the Bedroom to Studios...etc...

DAWNdada: I listened to your CD, you keep referring to HIP HOP as gone, or dead. In “Written Nutrition” you said “If rap music was food it would be junk food right now”, and in “I used to love H.E.R. too” you said “Back in the day yo this chick was fire, now a days she is looking old and tired” (chick=hip hop)... HOW do you perceive this??

Ooge Allnita: It’s TRUE man... I mean It’s not DEAD because you have the underground scene that has kept Hip-Hop alive and well --and has the most talented underrated individuals the world has NEVER heard of. It’s dead in the sense that it’s SO Copy/Paste nowadays...So TRASH. I’m so disappointed with it to be honest, and HAVE been for a LOOOONg time... It’s like that HOT shorty you used to have sex with, then she started letting herself go...now she’s DisGUSTING.... but you STILL hit it anyway!!! WTF!!!
That’s how I feel... Hip Hop to me in 92, 93, & 94 used to InSpire me. I’d get Chills down my Spine listening to it...I’d Head Nod to the point my mother thought I was having a seizure HAHAHAA--you know--These young cats don’t REALLY know what real Hip-hop is...
See, it’s also the reason I never seeked a deal, because NoBODY’s Listening... Don’t matter how amazing you are... It fell off to me. BUT I love her still...

DAWNdada: I feel ya, BUT is that the only reason you chose Art over Hip Hop to pursue professionally??

Ooge Allnita: Nahhh, I never chose one over the other... ART was Always there. If anything what I Rhyme about is usually things I could see as a comic strip or a movie. All my raps are very Visual. I’d ask anyone who REEEEAAALLLY listens to Lyrics to close their eyes and listen to my words carefully. They’re movies... Illustrations for your ears and to be perfectly honest, I used to rap mostly to promote my Artwork. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to write rhymes. But you’d NEVER see me on a stage. I’m VERY low key...U just need listen to me. not see me.

DAWNdada: That is very true. When I listened to your CD I was hysterically laughing out loud. Your songs are stories and I could see them crystal clear when I listened. I fell in love with 4 songs: “Bodega Mans Daughter”, “Check Mate”, “I used to lover her too” & “Hung Over”. Can you give the readers a little summary of each??

Ooge Allnita: Bodega Mans Daughter: was inspired by some random chick leaning on the fence to the store one summer, I never seen her before but I saw her on the fence just chillin’...and it just came to me like that... I made up a story about some Hot girl that the whole kroo is fighting over and all we know about her is that she’s the Bodega Mans Daughter. It’s a story with a twist in the end... we had fun with that.

Checkmate: is one of my favorite Punch-Line tracks...”Best take Precaution I’m Awesome the way I Roast ya’ / Just bought your new album I’m using’ it as a coaster”--HAHAH u know?... “Blame poverty for the the hunger that’s taken over me /since my days as a fetus graffiti’d my mother’s ovaries...”
I used to love H.E.R. too: EVERYBODY knows Common Sense’s I used to Love H.E.R’--so I wrote MY version of the Girl that we BOTH loved. Like a sequel, Hence… I used to love her TOO. It was my dedication to a great song... AND

HUNG OVER: was with a beat by Double D--he made this Backwards sounding beat. And I was stuck on what to write about---so I actually did two songs in one... First verse was my life in reverse--2nd verse, I wake up from a DRUNK Dream and see the crazy party that’s going on... but we meshed it. Crazy funny--I still laugh when I hear it because I picture my dudes...

Ooge Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistDAWNdada: How could someone get a hold of these songs or others by Ooge of the Allnitas, since you don’t have a music myspace page??

Ooge Allnita: Wow--I mean, I have them. And some others have them in their IPODS... If anybody is interested I could get them to you for some Price…I guess we’d have to work something out. If they’re cool people, like you dawn.

DAWNdada: I already have them!!! But, I am sure after reading this interview, like everyone else who spends more than 30 minutes with you, they want more!!! Damn Ooge you’re like Crack...LOL. Would you ever consider a career as a lyrical artist?

Ooge Allnita: Yup, only if I could wear a Clown suit and Say ABSOLutely NOTHING when I rap...like 95% of cats nowadays...
Nah I’m playin’... You know me Dawn deez... I’m not a rapper. I’m an Illustrator. I draw and that’s MY crack… If people like my Rhymes, Aiight cool, Thanks. I’ll try to do more for THOSE people. But to have a career in Rap. Nahhh Yooo I’m an Old man, Dawn. Have you seen any rappers with Canes and dentures in their videos!!!?? HAHAHAA c’mon man

DAWNdada21: You’re so Funny, have you considered being a comedian?

Ooge Allnita: HAHAHAAH chill--everybody says that... Nah, Only for my circle of Friends. I just feed on the moment... C’mon Dawn I don’t even like stages... Mess around and I’d Faint like a bitch after my first joke...

DAWNdada: LOL. So What’s in your I-Pod sir??

Ooge Allnita: I listen to ALOT of Alternative music and tons of early 90’s era Hip-Hop. Everything from My Allnita Kroo, Radio Head, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana to Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Beatnuts, Black Moon, THATS MUSIC!!

DAWNdada: Tell us a little about your family the Allnitas, you refer to them a lot in your music, your interview answers and in your art.

Ooge Allnita: ALLNITA KROO !!!! I love those guys... I grew up with them. They’re like Brothers from other Mom dukes...
I don’t have brothers or sisters so these cats are the closest thing to it. Before the Rap shit... But yeah, I mean we’ve done THOUSANDS of tracks thru the years. Laughed our heads off, cried together... all that. So it’s only right I mention it in everything I do... Because they’ve been my support line since day one. My signature mentions them and so came the name, Ooge of the Allnita.

DAWNdada: How did the Allnitas come about??

Ooge Allnita: HAHAHA it was a GAME. As kids, Me and my boy Rog’ who I’ve known for like 26 years, used to gather the troops at his house and break night. Well the game was... Who ever fell asleep first got some kind of a prank done to you… So NOBODY wanted to wake up with Eyebrows shaved off, or smacked with a dirty sock or whatever... The game was called “The ALLNIGHTER”. We got older and we were known as the Allnitas...

As the years passed we had more and more cats in our circle that are still close til’ this day.

Ooge Nine5Four The Magazine Featured ArtistDAWNdada: Well then here is your chance to shot out all your Allnita family....Ready go… Dale…

Ooge Allnita: --Wow Put ON THE SPOT!!! I hope I don’t forget nobody--Roger, Choo, Chin Muzik, Double D, Duane Sinclair, Cali Cal, Joon Balloon, Dirty Stirdy, Drunkee freakin’ Munkeez, Ed enigma, A-Major, Erf The Catalyst, Dooba, Loo-2 , Expo One, H.E.C., Lukrativ, Talent, Nemes, Trust Music (First studio we rocked with), Phoenix, Stem of YNN, Dawndada etc etc...!!! Wow-Everybody that’s been on Any All Street Journalz Album. So many to name... But there’s Only a few that are TRUE TRUE Allnita. Hit up our myspace page @ www.myspace.com/ allnitamusicdepartment

DAWNdada: DAWNdada?? WOW, I heard of her, how did you get her AWESOMEness up in your KROO?? LOL

Ooge Allnita: Once my ENTIRE kroo moved from NYC to Florida (like literally Got up and BOUNCED all at once--like what did I miss?!) They came across The Legendary DAWNdada and BOOOOM here she is.... the One and Only Dawn deezzzz

DAWNdada: Only you can call me that…LOL… In your music you refer to your dad or your Viejo a lot, how has he been an influence to you?

Ooge Allnita: The best friend in my life. That dude was the reason I used to draw in the first place. I’d draw and he ALWAYS checked out my work, told me what was good about it, what was wrong with it, gave me ideas... Took me to the movies ALL THE TIME to feed my fire to draw. He was the man... He passed away when I was 22 of Cancer. But it’s alright, he always with me. A real dude. My Viejo. FUNNY as HELL too..whaaaaaat!!!!??

DAWNdada: Obviously the apple did not fall far from the tree there; Did he have any of your other talents?

Ooge Allnita: He used to draw too. It kinda rubbed off him..I guess I wanted to be like him. Then one day he told me in spanish--”You draw better than ME..you teach ME. “ but his thing was photography...he LOVED that.

DAWNdada: What about your mama?? Has she influenced you?

Ooge Allnita: HELL yeah mi negrita. She’s been there for me Forever and never complained a day in her life. She’s like a Puerto Rican Robot… SHE doesn’t stop doing her thing! Go MOMMA! I guess I’m like her... I don’t stop doing my thing!!!

DAWNdada: Seems like you have a strong support team. You’re very lucky. What advise do you give people out there who want to follow there dreams like you are?

Ooge Allnita: Number ONE rule... Surround yourself with people who TRULY love you and support you. If you have people like that in your life --You’ll be Alright. Just keep doing your thing REGARDLESS of what obstacles get in the way and It’s all Gravy after that.

DAWNdada: Well Mr. Ugas, it has been a true pleasure doing this interview. You are an amazing, funny, & very talented person. Thank YOOOUUUU for your time and for your knowledge. Any closing words?? (Insert shameless plugs here):

Ooge Allnita: Anytime Dawn!! You just gotta let me know when you’re going to get that tattoo of my FACE on your entire BACK. Aiiight! Shout out to my dude Anonimus SACRED STITCH!!!!!!! I love you dawn! and sorry for the shameless Plug, By Mennen.

Remember to checkout www.misterugas.com, www.dibenart.com and sacredstitch.com

I’m OUT!!! One love!

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