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The fitness industry is now a multibillion dollar industry with the emergence of social media, apparel and entrepreneurship. Personal trainers, fitness models, and fitness brands are leveraging serious cash flow through their social media accounts. There are quite a few top fitness models and ambassador in the business but few have accomplished what Sue Lasmar has been able to do in such a short time. Sue has become the “It” girl when it comes to fitness. You can’t scroll down your Instagram timeline without seeing her picture with the hashtag #goals or #wcw. Her sexy photos, inspiring training videos, and beautiful smile have truly captivated the fitness community.

What is was it like growing up in Brazil?
I was in Brazil till my early teens, so I really don't remember much though. 

Did you play any sports growing up?
Oh yeah, I used to play all kinds! Any sports they had at school I was the one first in line! I have always loved it! 

Why is fitness so popular I'm Brazil?
I guess Brazilian men and women are just too conceited. So we like to be good looking and for us is very important to keep it healthy. One way or another that calls attention for the fitness industry. 

You often post before pictures of what you used to look like. What inspired you to change your lifestyle and dedicate your life to fitness?
Myself. Honesty one day I woke up and wanted to change! I had Always trained hard but hardest for me has always been dieting. Once I got my diet on track, my body had huge changes! 

What was your reaction when you started seeing your first results?
Amazed! I just couldn't believe my body could respond to those different things I was doing. 

Every January millions of gym memberships are created and by the end of January they are canceled lol. What kept you motivated to remain dedicated to your training?
The results I could get ... What I mean is; until people understand that if they don't focus and Pursue and keep on going ... They won't get results ... They will stop before something happens. There aren't results without sacrifice and that's for everything in life!  

You inspire millions of women across the world. How does that make you feel?
Great! (Laughs) I mean, I am charming people's lives ... So that is awesome! Couldn't be happier! 

When you started on your fitness journey did you think you were going to become such a big role model in the fitness community?
Oh yeah, no doubt! (Laughs) I swear! I am not being creepy here... I am just being honest! There's no way this couldn't be a hit! I am cool, communicative, used to be chubby ... Showed and still do the truth about things ... Well, basically people get involved by true and strong lifestyle ... Real life you know ... Not being fake! I am that! 

In all of your photos you are always smiling and full of joy. Are you naturally just a fun outgoing person?
I said... I am cool though! (Laughs) I am always like that ... Even when things go wrong.

Tell us about your fit by sue apparel?
My baby!!!!!! My life!!!! My project ... My goal is to make people train cuter while spending less! www.fitbysue.com is a life story full of style! 

What kind of music do you listen to during your workouts? 
Either hip hop or house music! 

You take so amazing photos. Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?
Ohrangutang is for sure my favorite in the states! Mike makes me Sue In the roots! lol you know ??? Love his work and dedication and also Cristina Pilo, his wife and makeup artist, also my beloved friend is so talented ... That I am always prettier with them! lol And in Brazil, Rogerio Tonello. Love his work! He shoots for my gear. 

What are your favorite snacks to eat on cheat days?
Oh boy... Any kind of ice cream! Lol and Cheetos! I know ... That's baaaaad! 

Do you ever have days when you don't feel like working out?
Hum... No. Honestly. If I don't train, I get in such a bad mood! I got to do something ... Surfing, skating ... Anything.

What is your favorite pre workout and protein powder?
Any that works! Lol 

People are obsessed with your quads. What work outs can people do to gain results?
Well, great food, heavy weights... Good Resting days! That's the key! 

How many days of week do you work out?
All of them! 

You have a lot of friends in the fitness community. Do you guys share workout tips with each other?
Well, we do! We got to share what's good! 

Who are some people you look up to in the fitness industry?
Honestly, no one! I like being different! Hate to be the same so I just don't follow anyone's path. lol I mean, don't get me wrong ! 

Will you be in any competitions this summer?
I am not competing anymore! Too much bullshit.

You still have your sex appeal and curves. How are you able to maintain your curves with such hardcore work outs?
Cheetos and ice cream every now and then (laughs) 

Will you be making any fitness DVDs?
I do it already for my YouTube Chanel! 

What advice would you give to women trying to get in shape and change their lifestyle?
Look yourself in the mirror and be honest to what makes you feel good. The focus for me is to be confident enough to walk around naked if I have to and feel dam good! (Laughs) 

Our readers wants to know if there will be a sue Lasmar calendar coming soon?
I wishhhhh! Can you believe that I have never gotten a proposal for that??? 

Do you have any final words?


The term “Jack of all trades master of none” used to describe somebody who had a wide skill set with little focus. Marketing and business trends are changing at a rapid rate. Ironically in today’s climate you must wear multiple hats and quickly master them all. Angelina Petraglia represents what the new business model has become. She has her hand in some amazing things and has quickly become one of the key players in today’s entertainment industry. I got a chance to sit with her to find out what motivates her hustle.

Where are you from originally? I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, raised in New York, New Jersey and Tampa, Florida. 

You have very exotic features what is your nationality? My mother is from Cuba and my father is Italian and Hungarian decent. 

Where does your business savvy come from? My father was a ship captain for nearly 40 years, my mother was an entrepreneur when I was growing up and my step-father is a retired corporate attorney of 40 years. 

You have been working in the entertainment arena for quite some time. How did you get your start and what made you want to pursue this field? I basically worked from the bottom up. I started in the hospitality industry at 14 years old washing dishes, quickly started waiting on tables, and worked in various nightclubs and restaurants as a VIP hostess, bartender, and waitress. I then became involved in the catering business and ran a catering company and venue through out my 20's. By 28 years old I moved to Miami to pursue designing a swimwear line. I quickly landed a job at a hotel on Miami Beach and became the Director of Marketing & Events for the hotel and restaurant/lounge inside while working off time on my swimwear line. 

When did you know that entertainment was what you want to do the rest of your life? I kind've fell into the industry, I really love helping others achieve their goals by being behind the scenes. I truly enjoy it, however I have so many other goals for different business ventures that I am interested in pursuing in various fields. 

Out of all the projects you have produced. Which is your most memorable and why? I put together solely a Relay for Life for Cancer Walk in honor of my best friend whom past away from lymphoma. I love working with charities and most definitely giving back. This industry is jaded sometimes and I really enjoy when people get together to give back then just receiving. I've lost a lot of very important people in my life so I truly feel amazing doing what I can towards a charity or foundation that may have something to do with Cancer, Depression, or Suicide. 

I have known you for quite a while now and everybody I know speaks highly of you. How are you able to keep such a clean reputation in a somewhat dirty industry? Well thank you for the compliment :) I truly pride myself on always trying to keep my word. In this industry you meet a lot of talkers whom do not deliver, and that’s never been in my character. I was brought up to value my word and to move mountains to keep it. I also ensure to always treat people how I would want to be treated and respected in business and in life. 

What made you want to start a Dream group? After working as Director of Marketing & Events for a hotel and restaurant/lounge for 2 years in Miami, I built a vast database of models, talent, promoters, artists and figured if I was going to work my tail off 80 hours a week I might as well work for myself. 

The name a dream group sounds dope. What inspired that name? Since my name begins with an A, I had a letter A as home décor in my bedroom, and one that said DREAM in my living room. One day after spending time racking my brain for a name I walked into both rooms back to back and they kind’ve stuck out to me. Then it all came together, I wanted to have a company that represented myself as well describing the amazing roster of talented individuals together. 

What misconceptions do you think people may have about you and your brand? I have heard a hand full of pretty hilarious rumors that are out there of what I do and what my company is about since I represent so many beautiful women globally. Funny because they usually come from people who have never met me or even worked with myself. Little do they know I worked my butt off my entire life in the hospitality industry to get to where I am today, They usually haven’t done their proper research on me and the hundreds of events I have produced for previous employers, managing catering companies and venues, and my marketing background as well as being a business owner before my agency. 

As a dominant woman in an often male dominant industry, what are some things you have to deal with on a daily basis? I always say that in this industry as a female, you have to have thick skin and be stronger, smarter, funnier, and more alert then men. People may confuse the fact that because I wear a dress or can party that I may not have my act together, or that I have my hand out because I'm a woman and that they can pull one over on me. Then they quickly learn, they were wrong :)

I’ve overcome several trials and tribulations in my life time that could’ve destroyed someone else, but they’ve actually molded me into the shrewd business woman I am today. 

The Black tape project has been successful for quite some time now. What inspired the idea and the overall concept? When I was working as the Director of Marketing and Events for the hotel, I had a weekly modeling event on Tuesdays where I brought in guest Djs and celebrity judges for our modeling contest. One of the events we did was The Black Tape Project, he is a local Miami artist and photographer who came up with the concept during a photo-shoot. I fell in love with the art concept, so after my departure at the hotel, I continued working with the artist as his manager and agent. 
I know that you are all about women empowerment. What advice would you give to young girls trying to break into the entertainment game? I love seeing women become leaders and pioneers in their industries, reaching their goals, and searching deep within themselves for their true talents.
If I had any advice for young women breaking into the industry, it would be for them to stay true to themselves, surround themselves with inspirational and positive influences, to work hard and always give 200% of their ability. To never sell themselves short and never sell their souls.  

Your skill set is very versatile. What inspired you to master different aspects of business? I have intergraded all the different industries I have worked in my entire life, I always worked 2 to 3 jobs at a time growing up and sometimes held an office job during the day while I worked at night. I learned so much about running a company from the amazing employers of my past and the art of delegating to a team. I have always been creative and I am the type of person that feels and knows whatever I put my mind to, I know I can accomplish whether or not 

Does it every get stressful wearing so many hats? Sometimes it does, but working in hospitality’s fast paced atmosphere my entire life has definitely prepared me for what Im doing now.  You have to be able to juggle many situations at once as well as solve and put out fires daily.  

When you’re not running your companies. How do you like to relax and get away from it all? I actually love to travel abroad, I am blessed to be able to merge both business with pleasure so I’m able to squeeze in my downtime while traveling for business. Also, just being low-key hanging out with friends and relaxing always helps to get my mind off deadlines and projects. 

You have some of the most sought after models, actresses, and personalities in the game. What do you look for in prospective clients you take on? I look for people who are ambitious and have integrity. I can’t cook and chew a meal for them, so if they want IT as much as they say they do, they’ll have to put in the work and effort. 

You have been able to tour all across the globe. What is that feeling like seeing people from another country enjoy a brand or project you created? That has got to be one of the most rewarding perks of what I am doing. I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures, when I am able to showcase my talents and be creative with other people in their region and they truly enjoy the experience as much as I do, it honestly is a confirmation for me that I’m on the right path. 

Your Instagram pics have made you somebody's WCW every week lol. Will we ever get a photo series or calendar from you? No, sorry. I'm not a model. I’m actually pretty shy when it comes to photo-shoots :) 

Did you ever consider modeling at any point? Actually no I haven’t, it’s not my thing. I love being the brains of the operations. 

You have a very no-nonsense demeanor. Does that intimidate guys who may want to talk to you? Yes absolutely intimidate some men, and I prefer to keep it that way. I would rather someone to think twice before disrespecting me. But, I have to say only the weak ones would feel intimidated. A strong confidant man would have to approach me. 

What kind of characteristics do you look for in a guy? I love an intelligent man who I can learn from. I love creative individuals who are open minded and ambitious. I am in a period of my life that I’m looking for a true partner who can complement what I am doing and my goals. 

Where does your passion and entrepreneur spirit come from? I have to say my MOMMA! LOL. She has been an entrepreneur my entire life and I have watched her create companies from the ground up. She motivated me to inspire to be creative, a leader and to never be afraid of the unknown. 

Some would argue that you have accomplished all you can in this game. You have the notoriety, money and respect. What still motivates you at this point? I believe everything I have accomplished so far is only preparing me for the next chapter in my career, it has given me the opportunity to travel, meet extremely influential people worldwide and opened so many doors for me. I have so many other goals to accomplish and I am just getting started. 

What are some things you want to accomplish? My older sister passed away 3 years ago from suicide.  She was in the middle of writing a book and I would like to finish it, as well as possibly turning her story it into a documentary or movie. I am also focused on starting a foundation for women with postpartum depression, sustain abuse, and child abuse. My best friend passed away from cancer 6 years ago and I have done many events for charity and I feel that is one of my missions in life. I have had a lot of traumatic things happen in my life time and I feel I would be most beneficial in helming others. I also have a new business venture I can’t speak about just yet, but all I CAN say is STAY TUNED!!!

Tell us about Industry Icon and the motivation behind this event? MY company is contacted daily by women and men who ask how they can get into the industry, we are not able to sign every talent that comes our way but I felt that I still wanted to help and give them the tools they need to either start or further their careers in modeling or entertainment. So I contacted some people I work with in the business and asked if they would get involved in this event. I haven’t really come across an event that covers all the topics we will be covering on May 14th! 

How can fans keep up with you and your movement? They can follow me on Instagram @Angelina305, @AdreamGroup, @TheIndustryCon 
Facebook Angelina Petraglia, A Dream Group, IndustryCon
Twitter @Angelina305_ and @ADreamGroup
SnapChat IamAngelina305

Do you have any final words? I want to thank you for the years of support and for the opportunity in speaking about my brand and projects! I think your publication and site is amazing for South Florida and you will ALWAYS have my support!

When it comes to Deejaying its pretty straight forward. You're either dope or you're wack, there really is no middle ground. A dope DJ can often get lost among the sea of trendy DJ’s who can only turn a gain knob and fist pump. You can literally walk down the street and trip over a DJ its just that saturated. When you run into a DJ who still respects the art it gives you hope that the art form is still in tact. DJ Gazm has found her niche in a male dominated industry not by mastering the sync button, but by mastering her craft. She has done her homework and passed the test, now she is ready for the world to know her name!

What's going on Gazm how you feeling? I’m feeling great!

Tell our readers where you from? I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miami, Fl.

How did you get the name DJ Gazm? Maaaaaan! I thought I would never find a name. One random day, I kept singing Big Boi’s “The Way You Move”, and the part that stood out to me the most was “drip drip drop there goes an eargasm”. I called my BFF to get a second opinion on DJ EarGazm and when she said to cut it short, that’s when DJ GaZm was born.

Take us from the beginning. When did you fall in love with music? As a kid, all I did was play outside and watch music videos from every channel that provided it. The Box, Video Mix, BET, VH1, and MTV were in heavy rotation morning, noon, and night. There is absolutely nothing basic in my taste in music. With me being a 80s baby, I’m able to evolve with music no matter which direction it’s going in.

At what point did you realize that you wanted to express that love and passion through Deejaying? I was always 100% sure that I wanted to be involved with the music world, but I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. I love instruments, but I don’t know how to play any. A good friend of mine introduced me to DJ J. Prince at VP records and I began interning for him. Throughout the interning period, I would always harass him about teaching me how to DJ. Due to him always being busy with gigs and obligations from the record label, he gave me the idea to check out Scratch Academy.

I know that you went to the Scratch Academy. Describe that experience and how it prepared you? Scratch Academy was a huge help. I’m learning from professional teachers that have been through the best and worst of a DJ’ing situation. Jam Master Jay started it, so you shouldn’t expect anything less is greatness. The teachers are patient, and there’s full access to the equipment, even after the semester has ended.

Early on what challenges did you face as a female trying break into a male dominated field? The main issue was people not taking me seriously because I’m a female. At this point, people judging me before they hear me play is not a problem. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re opinion of me will change after I’m three songs in.

When was that moment when you were like I'm good enough to start doing this full time? I feel it took me longer than it should have. I say that because even though people would tell me I was doing a great job, I would listen to someone else and start doubting myself. I allowed fear to keep me back for a while, but as soon as I stop being afraid to fail, that’s when new doors and opportunities opened.

You have a versatile mixing style and able to play all genres of music that's rare these days especially for somebody as young as you. What made you want to know how to play everything? I wanted to learn how to play majority of the genres because I actually like most of them. Playing music is a feeling, and I enjoy catering to everyone.

Who was your biggest DJ influence when you were coming up? My biggest influence is Timbaland. I’ve always loved him as a producer, but when I found out he used to be a DJ, that helped me push forward with it.

How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as personal. I say personal because I don’t just play top 40 hits. I enjoy today’s version of “crate digging” through hits that I know for sure should’ve been a single.

Outside of Deejaying do you eventually want to produce or become and A&R? I feel like a serious DJ is already an A&R. Production is my end game. The goal is to make timeless music

How do you feel about the new resurgence of South Florida hip-hop? It’s Florida’s time to get some of that limelight. We have a lot of dope artist out here like Jay Burna, Kent Jones, Flo Kid, V Stuck and much more. It’s time to break out of “the crib” and let the world see what we have going on over here.

You have been doing a lot of events with my brother DJ Epps. How did that relationship form? That actually happened through a popular radio-personality from 103.5 The Beat named Stitchez. She heard me DJing at Cool J’s for a customer appreciation event that the radio station was having there. Stichez introduced me to DJ Epps and the rest is history. He’s a super cool guy. Definitely glad to form that bond with someone that respects how I approach my craft.

I know that you mix on turntables. What made you want to stay true and not go the controller or CDJ route? I learned how to DJ on Technics, and there’s no better feeling.

Have you been dropping any mixes? I just dropped one on Feb 18th called “Club Closed 2” you can check that out on my Mixcloud. I am currently working on two more Mixtapes.

I know you spin on the radio, let our readers know where they can catch you? You can find me on Stamped N Da Streetz Radio Tuesday & Wednesday 3pm - 6pm and Thursday nights at 8pm - 10pm on Thee Sex Talk Show w/ @majestysantiago and @yomeishh also on Stamped N Da Streetz Radio. Available on stampedndastreetzdjs.com & SNDSRadio app.

What is your Social media info? Instagram: @djgazm

Every City has a radio station that reflects the city’s culture. When it comes to South Florida radio, 99 Jamz is that station. On weekdays between 2pm-7pm you will hear a voice that grabs you. This charismatic voice filled with passion and energy will literally put a smile on your face. The voice I speak of is the voice of Felisha Monet. Felisha wears many hats in this industry: Radio personality, event host, tastemaker, and the list goes on. She is as pretty as your favorite model with the hustle of a Forbes list Mogul. Her journey goes far beyond any box you try to put her in. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Felisha to peel back all the dope layers of her personality and get a better understanding of what she is all about.

What was it like growing in such a culturally diverse place like New York City? You know growing up in NY was dope...being exposed to different cultures is what helps us learn about others... But it’s most certainly segregated. My neighborhood was Black and Latinos... and the Latinos was really Puerto Rican and Dominicans only (laughs) when I moved to S. Florida that is when I met Cubans Brazilians folks from Argentina... But I love it!

You have very unique features what is your ethnicity and nationality? “Unique” features.... that sounds funny... you trying to tell me I’m ugly on the low??? lol but nah I am American... mixed! My mom is of Russian descent. My pops Black ­Jamaican and Native American...

At one age did you get the entertainment bug? When I was about 14 I knew I wanted to do radio. I was always into music. My parents had a pretty dope record collection and my older brother was a DJ. It just seemed fitting since I couldn't sing or rap...lol I don't even play instruments but I wanted to leave my mark and be apart of something great. Radio it was! oh wait I did play the recorder once.

Did you always envision entertainment being your career one day? To be honest I thought I wanted to be a lawyer... but that changed real quick when I learned I would have to be in school for a long time ...lol

Was your family supportive of your passion for entertainment as a kid? As a kid my family was always supportive of whatever I wanted to do. If it was sports, theatre, dance...but as an adult the support started to get a little questionable because I was struggling financially. They would be real quick to say, “Why don't you get a real job?” “Why don't you have benefits?” “Why you always broke?” lol Going after your dream is not easy... I can remember MANY times my parents telling my to find another career path. I don't think it was because they didn't support but because no parent wants their child to struggle. They just wanted stability...and following dreams and passion is not the conventional way. We are taught to go to school, graduate, get a good paying job, work there for 25+ years and retire. That life isn’t for everybody.

When did you get your first opportunity in radio? It was back in 2001, I was working inside Governor Square Mall selling sneakers at the Underground and one of the radio DJs pretty much offered me a radio job on the spot. He was like come to station over the weekend...I went...and was working that Monday! Crazy right ... That’s God!

How were those early air check demos sounding? Yoooo I swear I was just cleaning out my closet a few days ago and I found like 3 old air checks...2 were on cassette tapes the other was a CD. I sounded so young and unpolished. They were real raw, and rough around the edges, but that energy and hunger was still there. I heard that for sure.

At what point did you realize you had what it takes to make radio a career? I don't know if I ever had a point per say... but I truly believe that this is my purpose and calling. It’s very natural for me. I love music...I love this culture... it’s apart of my lifestyle, so it comes at ease. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. I sound like me...I move like me...and I think once anyone can be comfortable with themselves you have what it takes to become successful in whatever you are doing. Plus you cannot cheat the process... so the amount of hard work, time, dedication, studying you put in will always pay off in time. I'm 10+ years in and I feel like it’s just the beginning.

Outside of Angie Martinez, who were some other radio personalities that inspired you coming up? You know Ang just has a special place in my heart...but Howard Stern also was someone who influenced me. Even though my style is not “shock” jock at all... I’ve study and watched so many Howard Stern interviews...his wit and humor and ability to make people feel comfortable with him even though he was uncensored was super dope to me. Also Wendy Williams, her control and confidence always came through the airwaves. No matter what the situation was on air...she controlled it! Even when it got tense with artists...she was always in control. I learn from everyone I work with though ... and I am inspired by my current peers in this industry .It takes a lot to do radio...and I salute everyone who is doing it and staying true to the culture.

You are always credited for being one of the first people to break T pain on radio. Tell us about that? Pain! I’m super proud of him man. I was able to witness it from the beginning...He is talented and I always feel a little crazy taking credit...I can’t take credit...that man and his movement was strong...I was just happy to be apart of it. I was just happy to be able to use my platform (radio) to help the process. But Tallahassee was most certainly behind him. Back then I was doing over nights and had the freedom to add music to my show...Pain was my go to record every hour... next thing I know he got signed. I didn't even realize I was giving him that many “spins” lol ..I just genuinely believed in the music.

When you started with 99 Jamz were you nervous to work at a legendary station given its history and track record? What??? Nervous is not the word!!! Yo for a whole year I would write down my breaks and practice in the mirror at home before I went to work. See I moved down to South Florida in 2006 after I gave birth to my son and took 2 years off from radio. When I got that phone call on my sons 2nd Birthday saying Jamz wanted to hire me... it was unbelievable! I was rusty and straight up green! Real talk...My first day was Memorial Day weekend and I remember feeling so knotted up in my stomach and my throat had the biggest lump in it. You know when you about to cry and you try to hold it in?? That was the feeling...shit was crazy. Took me about a year to get my flow going. lol

You have had a lot of Number one rankings for your show. How important are those accomplishments to you? Man ...I'm just happy that the people rock with me the way they do. South Florida has accepted me as their voice...and it’s important for that connection with the people, the streets, the community be there first. That is important to me! It just so happens that the people make me their #1 choice, lol so yea I’m happy about that but humbled... A lot more work to do though...so can’t get caught up in the celebration too much. Plus my mentor used to say; “I hired you to be #1 nothing else” the standard was always set high.

How does working in South Florida compare to any other station you have worked at? This is my home! Nothing compares to it. It is a different experience being down here. From the beaches to the restaurants...the nightlife, the culture...it’s just that vibe! Tourism is high, folks always in and out...the celebs live here...I mean we live where people vacation at...where people want to party at... the snow birds come for winter...nothing compares to it!

I feel like even after all these years you still sound hungry and engaged in air. What still inspires you? You know what I learned that when you are happy doing something...you give it your all! I am still happy doing radio...even with all the changes in the industry, I am still happy and look forward to cracking that mic. This isn't a job for me...so I feel like I have not even reached my peak...like there is sooooo much more for me to learn...to get...to make happen. So yea I stay hungry. This is how I eat... how I feed my son... that's the motivation. I want to make sure everyone around me is good. From my family to friends to my team...the goal is always “I eat...WE eat...I Win ...WE WIN”

What do you say to the people who think radio is all glitz and glamour? Glitz and glamour?? In radio??? Hell NO! lol if you want Hollywood shit do movies...be an actor. Radio is not that for me at least. If you think going to clubs skipping the line...getting comp’d bottles, meeting celebrities is the “life” you might need to reevaluate the reason why you want to get in the game. That fame that glitz and glamour stuff gets people confused...makes corny people think they cool...broke folks think they rich...Radio and entertainment for that matter is work. A lot of hours and a lot of preparation, you know the saying “blood, sweat and tears!”

I know that you have appeared on several reality shows as well as other television programs. Are you looking to venture into acting one day? You know I would love to be on that BIG screen....I see it! Why not...I feel that I can do anything...No limits. But I respect the craft so I would, if I were to be seriously and actively pursuing acting I would take the necessary steps to study and learn acting. I would not do Reality TV as a cast member... guest appearance cool but not apart of the cast.

Who are some artists that you have come across and you could tell they were going to be a star? Steph Lecor...she has something about her. She just signed with my brother DJ Khaled to We The Best, but she has something! I see it. Another up and coming star from Miami is this Spanish singer named Monique. She is going straight to the top! You know I meet artist all the time but a star...that is something different! Stars stand out for no reason. You just see their light...see the potential and believe that something greater is in store.

I know there is a great deal of music out there some reach longevity and some are one hit wonders. What are key elements to a hit in your opinion? What makes a hit a hit??? Gesssh that’s the million dollar question right there. I think there are so many factors that are at play. Timing, sound of the record, the visuals...even to the tempo...It all has to just come together and be something great. But ultimately in my opinion the people decide what a HIT is! The people will let you know if they rockin with a record.

What advice do you have for indie and unsigned artist that are trying to get spins on mainstream radio? First be honest with yourself! Ask yourself, who is your favorite artist and will that person jump on that track with you? If the answer is no, then go back to the drawing board kid. Make your sound bigger. Make sure you have a strong hook too. Radio hits have hooks! Also music changes...know the latest trends...know the season on when to put out certain sounding records... study the craft and most importantly invest in mixing down your record properly. Sound quality is everything.

Do you think Enough DJs are breaking enough records these days? DJs are certainly breaking artist and creating movements. But it is NOT solely on the DJ to “break” a record. Artist need to do the work...need to lay the groundwork down first before even stepping to the DJ. Have your movement strong...or create a movement/sound that will make DJs and radio get on board. Listen I work with DJs and I have seen them personally “break” records...then what happens after that one record “hits”? A lot of times there is no follow up...no groundwork and it dies out. But we live in a time where the “Internet” is the new “DJ”.... I mean really if DJs are not playing it or not supporting...get your self HOT online. It’s 2015...everyone has access. No excuses...South Florida had 3 artists that was up for the 10th spot on that XXL Freshman list...and none of those 3 had radio

Support! That is dope to me so salute to Denzel Curry Bizzy Crook and Quest! Just know I see the movements!

You host a lot of events and parties. What reaction do you get when people see you in public as opposed to when they hear you on the radio? lol So far it’s good. People just want to be able to put a face with the voice they hear. One time someone recognized the voice when I was ordering food...and asked if I was Felisha Monet...lol least I don't change my voice. But the craziest reaction was this girl telling me she thought I was dark skin and fat...ahhhhh I didn't know how to take that one. lol

If you had to describe your radio style in three words what would they be? Hustle, Hustling and Hustler!!! LoL

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Reality TV ... though I have been slacking lately. Ice cream and desserts. I have a sweet tooth...and most recently Dark & Stormy’s!! Got put on when I was in LA...those drinks are good.

You have had some great interviews. What are some of your favorites and why? You know I don't have a favorite one per say...but any interview that the artist can be honest and vibe, have fun and connect with the audience is a good one for me.

If I looked in your Playlist what kind of music would be in there? Everything!!! I vibe MGMT to Sade... PM Dawn to Meek Mill ...Sia to freaking Bocelli. I love music... All music. I listen to Soundscapes too. You know the spa type music. I drive my friends crazy when they’re in the car with me. lol

What advice do you have for young girls that want pursue opportunities in the entertainment field? It doesn't matter how many No's you hear ...it only takes one Yes! Keep pushing.

What's next for Felisha Monet? I don’t know...but whatever it is ... I want it to be Great!!!

How can fans keep up with you and your movement? Of course my #Hustlers can tune in to my show the #AfternoonHUSLTE Mon­-Fri 2pm-­7pm on 99 Jamz ... On that Tune In App and iHeart...search 99 Jamz. Follow the movements on the gram @FelishaMonet99 Twitter @FelishaMonet and www.itsfelishamonet.com

Do you have any final words? I want to say this to everyone that is hustlin...working that 9 to 5, going to school, working 2 jobs to provide for their family, starting from nothing building from the ground up...follow your dreams...know your passion and work hard! Be dedicated...Focus! Make sure your tunnel vision is strong. Don’t look left...don’t look right...focus on your target! You gotta get to your finish line! Let’s be GREATer

Thank you for having me share my thoughts too ...Salute to Nine5Four Magazine for reaching out. Luv

There is a huge spotlight on the Florida music scene right now. South Florida is producing some of the best young indie and unsigned talent in the country. It's been a long time since there has been this much excitement in Sunshine State. Supa is a rapper that is quickly making waves. The self-proclaimed "Prince Of the Yayo" and his foreign gang clique have been consistently feeding the streets with classic mixtapes, videos, and live performances. I got a chance to sit down with the Foreign Gang general to see what made him the artist he is today.

For those who don't know how did you get the name Supa? Supa, that means Great! That’s what that mean, Great… I’m one of a kind type of a guy, it mean Real. I actually didn’t give myself that name – people surrounding me gave that name when I use to play ball. It means Greatness

What made you want to pick up the mic? I always had the talent to do it (music); but I never care about doing it, before. I would always go to the clubs and hear them screaming my name out, you know “Supa in the building – Prince of the Yayo.” Just off the lifestyle that I live. A hustler gon’ hustle – I turn my lifestyle into the music.

At what point did you realize you had the talent to make this a career? I knew that I had the talent to make it a career the moment that I started doing it. I mean, I always freestyle when we were kids, I always had ways with words but that wasn’t my focus. But Sh*t, like I said – going out and already had a lifestyle of it, you know – it wasn’t my main focus. I wasn’t the one who grew up thinking I was going to be a rapper – you know, I ain’t a rapper – I just speak facts, I speak my life, I’m an artist… I speak motion pictures. That’s what really made me want to do it – my lifestyle, I’m a hustler.

Your new Mixtape "Prince of the Yayo" has been getting a lot of rotation in the streets. Are you satisfied with the feedback of the mixtape? For sure. I have three different songs right now on major radio airways. There are more hits songs on there; “How we Live” we just shot a video for that features R&B singer, Mishon. That’s something that will go straight up the charts. Yea, man – the streets are supporting, and a lot of people are surprised on what I came out with on this entire compilation and said. No one knows me of being a rapper, they know me of being that guy." I love it. I’m touching the people, you know – the people touching me. They are motivating me to keep going,

What made you recruit DJ Scream and MLK to host this mixtape? ‘They are just real and supportive, overall. Real recognize real. Atlanta is considered Black Hollywood, that’s what they call it for the entertainment and music industry. If you touch the airwaves with deejay personalities such as Scream and MLK supporting, you touch Atlanta– it just a connection and the vibes. In Miami, I got DJ Bulletproof, and DJ Vibes, that support my music. Salute to all of the deejays worldwide that supports. DJ Scream and DJ MLK – they have that name, that brand, they have footsteps in these streets. That’s what you want – you want to touch bases with the people.

How did they foreign gang crew come together? and who are the official members? I started the Foreign Gang – my boy, Mr. Zeek, he came over to the studio for a feature and I let him know he is Foreign Gang. Foreign Gang is Mike Bless as well, also TMB, The Money Boy Lil’ Mikey who out of Oakland, CA. We all make up the Foreign gang members. I started from going out and putting everybody in better position. All my ni**as are from the streets, putting ni**as with talents in better positions. That’s how the Foreign gang started which is a subsidiary of Champagne Elite Music Group.

Miami is having a major resurgence these days with artist like you, Zoey Dollaz, Steph Lecor and now Kent jones. How dod you feel about that? Miami’s music we are taking our marks right now. Zoey Dollaz, actually a funny story is right before I started making music he reached out to me about doing music. So we are making our marks – you know, there are a few more guys out there like Kent Jones; our songs getting play on radios, traveling the world, we letting people know that Florida is the South. Miami really got that music. My Uncle Luke started the trend, to Trick Daddy – Pit Bull, now you got Supa, Zoey Dollaz, to Kent. We Back… Dade Back.

Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up? 2 Pac . . 2Pac was an inspiration growing up… I always pick things up from the old G's, I always hung around my big cousin. They use to vibe to Pac.

Florida has a lot of great talent but why do you feel that Florida has not produced as much talent as it should? Because everybody ain’t sticking together as one. Everybody wants to be the big dog – nobody wants to reach a hand and look out for the other people. Once we get that unity to come together then Florida will grow. I like how the people in Georgia move – once you go to Atlanta – you hear nothing but Atlanta artists; whether it’s the known artists or the up-and-coming talent. That’s the thing Florida got to come back with.

What advice would you give to kids that want to make it out of tough circumstances like you did? Keep God First, Stay true to yourself, put trust in nobody, but God. Be You! That’s all you can be, Be You!

Your music really speaks to the people and everyday life. Did growing up in liberty city give you that mind frame? For sure. I only speak what I been thru – I only speak what I live. That’s why I can’t be considered to be a rapper because they print pictures and sell dreams – and they let the people buy their dreams. I live the real struggle, you know – if you watch the First 48, my mamma house is on there twice. I had seen everything from Dope-selling, to killing to robbery, to brothers turning on brothers, family members turning on each other. It opens your eyes to make you want to do better especially to people who don’t have that guidance. Everybody didn't grow up with their Dads in their life. I was blessed to have mines. It makes you want to go back and reach those people.

The video for she wanna go is dope with a lot of nice things to look at. I'm not mad at the female selection lol. How did the concept for that song come about? We got on a yacht. Partied all day and live life – that’s how that came about just from enjoying a day on the beach.

Will you be shooting any more videos for songs of the mixtape? Yea, we just shot “How We Live,” I'm gonna shoot one for a track call “Shooters” I got a video for “Feel Me” There are a few more songs we are going to shoot for.

The production on this project was crazy. What was it like getting on an 808 mafia and zaytoven track? It as a privileged getting one of the 808 Mafia and zaytoven track. Growing up and hearing guys like Jeezy, and Future one of the hardest rappers in the game right now; so actually getting a production by the same guys that did the production for him – that’s good music. Shoutout to the whole 808 Mafia and Zaytoven !

Do you feel pressure to represent and live up to the hype of Miami artist before you? It ain't hard. I grew up under the wings of Uncle Luke – my uncle; he started the whole down south movement. You know, seeing women dancing in the videos and twerking, and DooDoo Brown back in the days. At the end of the day, I grew up on it – I just have to thank God for my blessings and continue to live. You got guys like Trick Daddy, the stuff the rap about, the game, you know it was real. I grew up in that area that Trick was talking about. It’s easy for me.

What is your situation at the moment? Are you indie? We are indie, Foreign Gang/CEMG; I’m an indie artist.

How would you describe your sound to somebody that has never heard you rap? Pure! Real. . Different. . Sh*t Foreign. It’s going to be a different touch – it the flows, it’s going to be real. Anybody that lives thru struggles, knowing the lifestyle, they are going to relate.

What upcoming projects can we expect from you and your camp? You got Mr. Zeek, we just did his video. Lil’ Mikey, we actually about to drop something. I got a new single, and we are about to drop the video to “Yayo” We got a lot of things coming – oh, and Mike Bless about to come with some R&B real soon as well.

How can fans keep up with you and your movement? You can YouTube search ‘Foreign Gang,’ you can also search ‘Foreign Gang’ on WorldStar, Mymixtape.com, livemixtape.com… also, my IG is @Supa1000, Snapchat: Foreign Gang Supa – that how you can keep up with me. And the website for the label is www.champagneelitemg.com

Do You have any Final words? Free M, Rest in Peace Trav! Supa – Prince of the Yayo, Foreign Gang over Everything. That’s all I got to say!

NEW Video Link “SHE WANNA GO” Featuring Mike Bless: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Cwo2XxuL1gc3lNeW5RS1hyanc/view

Mixtape Audio/Stream Link: https://soundcloud.com/officialforeigngang/sets/supa-prince-of-the-yayo

Social Media: @Supa10000

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Tay has seen the things that seems to have become the prerequisite to any budding rap career. Unlike many of his colleagues it as not become the sole base to his music. "I'm influenced by the world around me, both good and bad, and the people I live it with. I tell my story....I tell their story....I tell our story”. Moving from the inner city to the suburbs proved to be most pivotal in the development of "TAY" the artist. "After learning all that I have growing up in the city, I like to believe that I became street smart, moving to the 'burbs when I was 15 made me culturally aware....before that move the only time we seen white people were if they were the police or paramedics, and naturally that was usually after someone had been shot". Tay credits his mom’s decision to move them to the northern suburbs of Chicago as the "moment of clarity". He began to understand other races and cultures, while further educating himself and becoming a well-rounded individual who happens to enjoy making music. Applying what he learned as an inner city kid with the knowledge he gained living in the suburbs, he started making music that appealed to a vast demographic. Taking his love of music and performance down to Miami, he then gained even more insight to culture outside of the Chicago land area and uses that to his advantage. "I sometimes feel like Dwayne Wade must have or might have felt, he's a chi-town kid through and through, Chicago made him a man, but Miami made him a legend. I feel like I am traveling the same path as Dwayne, Miami is where I’m going to get my ring, but Chicago is where my ring will be displayed...so while Dwayne is a legend, I’m more of a '(L)egend (I)n (T)raining' now let’s get LIT" Tay often ends his statements with witty "quips" and "puns" so naturally one would find those same elements in his music. "music should evoke emotion, whether it be happy, sad, funny, serious, whatever it is one should feel it, it should immediately make them feel a certain way, it should connect with them instantly...it should take you on a trip the 1st time you hear it, then back to a familiar place the last time you hear it, that's what I strive to do with OUR music, I feel as though my words are valuable, but the meaning behind them are invaluable" His extensive, witty and original catalog is sure to entertain, and bring in fans from all walks of life. Whatever you’re looking for in your hip-hop music Tay will surely provide that and more.




Music is a big constant in the routines of many people of all walks of life and backgrounds.

We all can relate to the feeling of being connected to a melody or a groove, as well as being inspired and entertained.

The one thing that truly makes the difference is the stories that music brings forth. Some are shallow and superficial, while others are deep, meaningful and honest, as they stem for a truly personal place. This is definitely the case for Tag; a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.

With such a mindset, Tag set out to take control of all aspect of his production process, from songwriting to mixing and finalizing his releases. The 360° degrees involvement of the artist definitely makes for a more direct and hands-on approach through the full spectrum, and the extra involvement really comes through.

Among other experiences, Tag was mentored by producer / engineer Eddie Mashal (Eagles) and had the chance to intern at South Beach Studios, to gain industry knowledge.

One of the most striking aspects of Tag’s production attitude is the way that he is able to bring forth sounds and influences from the golden age of hip-hop, while maintaining a modern punch and focus. Old school music is often appreciated for its organic qualities and warmth – those little imperfections that make it all sound more “human” and definitely more credible and real. On the other hand, contemporary production tool can definitely contribute to adding more focus and punch to a track. What Tag is striving to achieve with his own tracks is to achieve a well-balanced compromise between the two schools of though that truly echo some of the most influential and forward thinking hip-hop artists on the scene today; including Kanye West, Jay-Z or 50 Cent, - game changers with very charismatic personalities and killer-sounding records.

“Never stop practicing and learning. Always experiment with different techniques and whatever works, then go for it. Listen to different kinds of music to pick up ideas and stay open-mind”

Tag was born in NYC and he sports Caribbean Guyanese and Indian roots. Currently based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the budding rap artist is more dedicated than ever to continue setting the bar higher with his forward-thinking blend of sound.

Ultimately, his music is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, a thought-provoking lyrical flow.

“It’s about going with the flow, not forcing lyrics out of you – You have to truly feel what you are saying in order to make a good song”

Flagship tracks such as “Through the Eyes of a Poet” serve as a great insight into Tag’s unique personality and vision, as he set out to use his music as a vehicle to express himself as a true hip-hop storyteller. Tag’s lyrical work can easily be described as multi-dimensional, in the sense that it feels so individualistic, yet so highly relatable at the same time.

Find out more about Tag and let the music tell you the rest of this story.


Instagram: @youknowtag

Twitter: @youknowtag




Pop sensation Tori Lynn is quickly making major strides in the music industry. At the young age of 19 she has already accomplished things that most established artist could only dream about.Her soulful sultry voice has captured many audiences in South Florida while making her mark at various venues and events. I got the chance to sit down with her to learn more about her story. Tori believes that determination and hard work is the key to success, and she’s ready to share her talent with the world.

Let our readers know who you are and where you are from? My name is Tori Lynn, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Boca Raton FL.

You started in the entertainment industry at a very young age, how did you get your first break? I started off as a dancer first and once I got into singing I knew it was something I loved just as much. As I grew as a vocalist and entertainer I started doing shows. With each performance I did more doors started to open which landed me in my current situation today as an L.O.C.(LAND OF CRE8SHON) Recording artist.

You worked with some amazing choreographers throughout your career. what was it like working with the legendary Laurie Ann Gibson? It was truly an amazing experience. I grew so much as a dancer.

Did you always have the ability to sing? Yes, I started singing in pageants at the age of 4

Most people can either dance or sing. what made you want to master both? I've always loved to dance since a young age and I never wanted too give that up so when I started to pursue singing I thought why not take on both.

Where does your inspiration for entertainment come from. were your family members entertainers? My passion for music has always inspired me, but my biggest inspiration is my brother Glenn. I come from a very talented family.

What artist inspired you when you were growing up? A couple of artist that inspired me growing up were Miley Cyrus & Michael Jackson. Michael is an inspiration to a lot of artist. I loved his ability to sing and dance at the same time. Miley inspired me mostly because of her role as "Hannah Montana". LOL

What artist or entertainers inspire you now? Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Sia, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.

You have a very unique sound that channels several different genres, how would you describe your sound and style? There is no way to describe my sound and style. I just have fun doing me and hopefully people can connect with that.

Talk to us about your single "Let Go" feat Omi inspired that record? The song is about letting go of someone or something toxic in your life and moving on to happiness and positivity.

Your beats are incredibly catchy and all have great energy. What producers do you currently work with? Thank you. The Producer I work with is SHO from LAND OF CRE8SHON.

You have managed to build a very loyal and active core fan base. How have you been able to build such a great following? I started building or as I like to say connecting with people at a young age so it took some time. I stay loyal to my fans as they are loyal to me. I speak to them through my music and I'm so humbled and appreciative to have them.

What is your current situation. Are you signed at the moment? Yes, I'm signed to LAND OF CRE8SHON (L.O.C.).

What is your writing process like when you record your music? I mostly write about things that I am going through in my life whether it's past or present. When I write I like to be in the studio or in a peaceful place.

For somebody who has never seen you perform. What can they expect from a Tori Lynn live show? They can expect to have a party. I like to get my audience involved a lot. My show's take you on a roller coaster ride, from high energy records to ballads. It's pretty awesome, so I've been told. LOL

What wass it like recording and shooting the video for 'Young and Free'? it looks like you guys had a blast shooting that video.. We most definitely had a blast shooting this video and what you saw was all real.

You have been blessed to perform at some legendary venues such as BB Kings, Funky Biscuit, and Sun Life stadium. What have those experiences been like? Those experiences are things that I take in and never forget. I am definitely blessed to have gotten the oppertunity to perform at those venues and all of the other places I will perform at in the future. I don't take any of this for granted.

You are extremely active on all your social media platforms. How important has social media been in building the Tori Lynn brand? Social Media is always important. It's the best way of connecting with your fans and networking today.

What advice would you give to young artist or dancers trying to get into the entertainment business? I know this is going to sound cleshay but hard work, you really get back what you put into anything you do I belive. Have a good head on your shoulders, meaning stay positive and always stay humble. Having a good team behind you is so important. Lastly, never give up on what you love to do no matter what you are told.

You have a great work ethic and professionalism for your age. Is that something you always had or did it develop over time? I've always had it and I credit that to my family. I've also learned to grow and mature from different experiences. I will continue to live, learn and grow.

I know that you do a lot of volunteer work through performance and lending your time to different charities. Tell me more about that and what inspired that? I love to make people happy and share my heart with as many people as I can. The inspiration comes from my little brother Glen. He has a rare genetic disease called Cystinosis.

When are the fans going to get a full length album? My EP "Young & Free" is available now on iTunes and a full length album is in the works.

How have other artist in the business embarrassed you? have they given you any good advice or tips? I get and give a lot of love. I've gotten amazing advice from a few. I love making new friends that spread love through their music like I do. I love positive energy. Any advice I get whether it's from another artist or not I always take it in.

I love asking this question to established and upcoming artist. If you could have a dream collaboration with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why? Wow there are so many that I'd love to collaborate with, but I would have to say Selena Gomez. I love what she stands for and who she is as a person.

What are somethings that you want to accomplish during your career? To make people happy and connect with as many possible through my music. Most of all I want to bring awareness to my brothers disesase "Cystinosis". You can go to www.cyctinosis.org
to get more info.

Do you ever feel like a young veteran being that you have been in the business so long? Yes there are definitely times that I do because of how young I started, LOL. But I'm only 19, I have so much more to learn and grow in this industry.

Whats next for you? what projects should we be on the look out for? I will be going on tour next year in January. I'll also be releasing new music. I'm just excited to continue my journey and share it with everyone.

How can fans keep up with the Tori Lynn movement? You can visit my website www.iamtorilynn.com to keep up to date with what's going on with me

How did you get the name Knotch?
"I got the name KNOTCH from me always hearing people say my music was at another level every time people heard my music "

Where are you from? I'm from Compton Cali!

When did you first develop a passion for music? I first developed a passion for music as a kid, growing up in church, my father would play the piano and sing, as well as my uncles, and it was a blessing to be around talented musicians in my family.

Who were some of your favorite artist and producers coming up? Some of my favorites coming up was Stevie Wonder, Jodeci, Diddy, Timbaland, Genuwine, Aaliyah, Kurupt, and I've been able to work with most of them.

At what point did you realize music was all you wanted to do? I realized music was all I wanted to do when I was about 18 and started traveling and winning beat battles and actually making money from my craft.

How did you get your first break in the game? My first real break came from a song I did called "Tie Me Down" with the New Boyz , song immediately blew up as soon as it was released and is now 3.5 million sold worldwide.

You have worked with some west coast legends. What was it like working with E 40, Too Short and Kurupt? Working with Kurupt & Too Short was and is amazing , we are currently still working , but the experience is classics , they both work fast, as well as I do, so it was simple and fun at the same time, we all like to have fun so it's always a blessing

You are a very versatile artist. You can write, rap, sing, and produce. What made you want to learn it all? I wanted to do it all because people always told me I couldn't , I'm a guy that loves to root for the underdog, and that was me at a certain point

You are a Grammy nominated multi-platinum song writer. Describe that feeling when you hear one of your songs on the radio or in the club? The feeling when you hear your song on the radio or club is dope especially when you getting a great response from everybody else

You have had monster records with Chris brown. What was it like working with him? Working with Chris is amazing he's always been solid and very talented, he always make sure I get something on his projects and even opened a couple doors for me.

You are constantly dropping heat on IG and Soundcloud. When are we gonna get a Knotch solo project? I actually have 4 albums I'm completing at the same time, all different vibes.

After all of your success what still motivates you at this point? What motivates me is God first of all, because I would not be Alive to share my story or continue if it wasn't for him, and my family, who's been by my side since day 1, they motivate me on a daily, and the fact that I can feel love itself in life, life used to be hard, so I thought, but growing up I just love to love, it's so much hate you hear about in this world, I just want to spread love.

When you are in the studio do you have any routines or superstitions? No routines , or superstitions other than know in my session we having fun, and joking, I love to laugh , and all my friends & new people I run into in life love to laugh, so if I can make you laugh, make you smile and make you a hit record, let's work !

What is your favorite song in your catalog and why? My favorite song in my catalog is my song with Stevie Wonder , just a wonderful story how it came together , I was asked to write for him with my boy Maxx Lux (Love & Hip Hop) for Stevie, and once we finished the song and Stevie came by the studio & listened , his words were "this song is done, it just needs one thing" now at this point I was confused , but I asked "what's that" and he said "Harmonica" and went in the booth, not to mention the song is called "LOVE IS BLIND" that's why it's my favorite...

I know that you have your own radio show as well. Tell us about that? Well my Radio show is on the Dash Radio Network, which is Powered by Dj Skee, where all the stations are pretty much Ran by Celebs, the station I'm on is called iCraft Radio, which is Powered by my friend T Boz (TLC), the name of my show is called "Northern Lights Radio" where you can hear allot of my new and unreleased songs, as well as exclusive interviews, giveaways and more, slowly building, but blessed to come on 4 times a week.

If you can have a dream session and work with any artist dead or alive who would it be? Of course I would have loved to work with Michael Jackson, I believe we would bad made some amazing music.

What are some more things you want accomplish in the game? Been blessed to be work with Polow the Don! Blessed to work with Chris Brown multiple projects, Been blessed to work with Diddy & Cassie, I won a Ascap award for writing "Tie Me Down" on the new BOYZ, I've been blessed to get singles on my upcoming projects from Ray J, Nelly, Mya, Brooke Valentine, Mario, Chris Brown, Kurupt and many more, Grammy nominated, and much more, and feeling like I'm just getting started ...

Are there any projects we should be on the lookout for? Look out for my project "Love 2 Love" heavy Rnbass / Rnb album just talking about relationships

How can artist get at you for production? Either get at me through Instagram, Twitter - @TheRealKnotch, or my email TeamKnotch@Gmail.com

Do you have any final words or shout outs? First off thank God I'm able to share my story with y'all , thanks Nine5Four for taking u great in what I do, thanks always to my family for always supporting me appreciate the prayers , and thank you to everybody who been rocking with me since day one you know I love all y'all with that real love! And thanks to everyone who will be supporting in the future! I will continue to make those who believe in what I do proud! "Every time you hear My Music"

Diamond Strawberry has quickly become a household name in the world of Reality television and social media. I got the opportunity to sit down with her and dig deep into what kind of person she is and what she truly represents. Even with her famous last name diamond is looking to create her own lane and prove that she is here to stay.

Growing up did you ever feel pressure to live up to the family name? Yes! I feel pressure every day of my life! My name carries a lot of weight. I'm expected to be great. I have big shoes to fill, but I'm finally on the road to success. 

Did you always want to get involved in the entertainment business? Yes. I've been In front of the camera since I was 5. Singing, acting, and modeling. I truly believe I was made to be an entertainer.

How did you get casted to be on the show? I was dating a worthless fronting piece of crap named Cisco and he asked me to go on the show with him. The way the show turned out was NOTHING like I expected though! *sad face*

You have quickly become the fan favorite cast member on LHHNY? Did you expect the fans to gravitate to you the way they did? Not at all! I didn't expect so many women to be able to relate to me. I had so many people rooting for me. It was a shocker because I wasn't too proud of my behavior on the show.

The show is obviously an amazing opportunity and platform, but were you hesitant to join the cast at any point? I was very hesitant! No one ever believes me when I say this, but I did not follow love and hip hop prior to joining the cast, so I did not know what to expect. I was under the impression that there wouldn't be any drama, smh boy was I surprised! 

Was your family and friends supportive of you joining the cast? My parents were against it but they supported me. I only told my immediate family about the show and they were supportive. 

The show has many story lines and plot twist, but what has remained consistent is the love you have for your daughter and family. Was it hard being away from her and the fam during filming? It was extremely hard for me to be away from my daughter and family! There were so many times when VH1 got upset with me because I kept flying back to LA and staying longer than expected. I didn't care. I missed my daughter and I had to be with her.

You are an inspiration for all the working mothers. How important is it for you to be a role model to working mothers? It is very important for me to be a role model to all of the working mothers. My hope that is someone sees all of my struggles and sees how I overcame them all and it gives them that extra push they need to continue. 

What advice would you give to the mothers out there who still want to pursue their dreams? It's never too late to accomplish your goals! Find something you're passionate about and go for it! Give your kids something to look up to! Go hard for them! Go hard for yourself! Get out of your comfort zone. It is a dangerous place to be! 

How do you balance it all out? With all your endorsements, traveling and raising your daughter. This past year I have been extremely sleep deprived. But I am used to it. My work is so rewarding so I don't mind. 

Is it hard for you to walk around in public now with all your success? I wouldn't say its "hard" to walk around in public. It's just different. I wasn't used to people running up to me wanting hugs, autographs, and pictures. There are times it gets a little overwhelming (if I'm in the middle of a meal, or trying to spend time with my daughter) but I appreciate all of the love and I would never deny any of my supporters the opportunity to say hello to me.

You seem pretty low key. I never see your name in the rumors or on the blogs. How have you been able to keep your name clean in such messy industry? It's simple. I keep to myself. I have a small group of friends who I trust and I stay away from people or scenarios that seem sketchy. I'm not a fan of drama so I try my best to avoid it.

What are some other ventures or things you are working on outside of the show? I have a clothing line in the works, I'm still in the process of opening my group home for pregnant teens in Los Angeles, I'm hosting a school tour where we go out and give away school supplies to children in need, give them words of encouragement and free concerts with some very big artists. I am also in the process of recording my EP. It's called "Shut up and Listen". Yep, I'm singing :) this is something I've always been interested in and I finally got the courage to give it a try. 

You and Kelly Rowland are repping hard for the sexy chocolate sister’s lol. Some our readers want to know what products you use for your skin.  I use Obagi Clenziderm (face wash, toner, and lotion) and I'm a big fan of cocoa butter 

I see you are heavy into fitness and wellness. How often do you work out? I try to work out every day. If not, every other day. It's very important to take time out to do some type of cardio. And it's a huge stress reliever. 

What kind of things do you like to do when you have downtime? I catch a quick nap or spend time with my daughter and family. 

Is there anything people would be shocked to know about you? I am extremely shy. I know it's weird because it doesn't seem like I am shy on television, but in person I am very quiet and laid back. 

You have a very seductive and boss chick personality, you don't play no games. What kind of charters tics do you like in a man? I like intelligent, driven, God fearing men. He has to be able to make me laugh and keep me interested.. I get bored fast and I hate routine.

You are heavily involved in charities. Did you always have a passion to give back? Yes! There were several times where I would ask God, "What is my purpose in life? Why am I here" and every time I got the same answer "you're here to be a blessing to someone else" so every opportunity I get, I help someone out. I cannot explain the feeling I get when I'm able to encourage someone or put a smile on someone's face. It's the best feeling ever. 

What was it like participating in the Michael Jackson charity event in Gary, Indiana? It was an amazing experience. I was so overjoyed. Katherine Jackson told me that she saw past that terrible picture the show painted of me and she sees so much potential in me. I instantly cried. I couldn't believe she chose ME out of all people to help continue her son’s legacy and to give back to the children. After that two day event, she called and asked me if I wanted to be the official host of all the events to come. What an honor! I never would have expected to be working with the Jackson family. Not many people get this opportunity. I am truly blessed!

When you want to get romantic and in the mood who are your go to artist? I am not dating at the moment (I wish I had time to) but you can't go wrong with 112, Ginuwine, and Trey Songz. 

Our readers want to know if we will be getting a Diamond Strawberry calendar anytime soon. That's a good idea... I'm working on it!

What has been the Pros and Cons of being on LHHNY? It's a great platform. You get a lot of exposure so you can venture off and do other things. But the reputation the show has isn't so good. 

I know your DMs be popping lol. What’s the crazy thing you have seen in there? I don't even open my DMs if it doesn't look like business. But his craziest thing someone has sent me was their bank statement! This guy had a lot of money in the bank, but it was a huge turn off! I make my own money, I don't want or need to be taken care of. 

What advice or message do you want to give to the guys who try to get at you via social media or in public? Men do not approach me in public. They stare and drool lol but they never say anything. They seem a little intimidated. But then they will slide in my DMs like "you looked so beautiful tonight, can I take you out?" Umm no sir! You should have said something in person; And to the men on social media, pleeeeease stop sending inappropriate pictures. I will just block you. So stop!

What’s next for you? More television, music, philanthropy, fashion and continued happiness!

How can fans keep up with your movement?

IG diamond_strawberry

Twitter dstrawberryduh

SnapChat diastrawduh

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