Jessica Marie: By Any Means Necessary

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Jessica Marie: By Any Means Necessary

Where does the name Jessica Marie come from? It’s my first and last name. I know there are others and I know you won’t rest until you’re the only one that matters lol Jessica is my first name Marie is my middle. 

I know that you are originally from Orlando. How has the recent tragedies affected you? The tragedies really hit home for me. And made me sad because I grew up there and to see my city go through that was really tough on me emotionally. I used to live down the street from pulse for 2 years. One thing I really can say is that the city pulled through and showed support on all their ends which made my heart very happy. From a candlelight memorial to dancing videos all over the media with pride flags!! 

What made you want to pursue modeling? I’ve always wanted to be behind the cameras as a little girl. I remember seeing Tyra Banks on the runway and she inspired me. 

In your opinion what separates you from other models and personalities in today’s industry? My drive is insane. I literally never stop working and I’m always ready to improve and take my work to the next level. Without struggle there is no progress. 

What made you move to LA? I wanted to peruse the modeling full time. 

How have you been enjoying the la scenery? I’m sure you have been on some amazing photoshoots? The scene out here is amazing!!! Everything is so beautiful the views are breath taking. I do a lot of shoots downtown where I have views of the whole city. 
In today’s business you have to wear multiple hats as an entrepreneur. What other things do you do outside of modeling? I drive for Lyft and uber as well. 

Your IG bio says “I want it all and I’m not afraid to work for it”. What inspires your determination and inspiration? My supportive and wonderful family always pushing me to my greatness. 

Where do you see your brand going in the next few years? What are some of your goals? I aspire to be an actress. I know I’m going to see my name in bright lights soon. 

What is your definition of beauty? Inside Beauty most importantly is what I’ve always said. Your good looks are a total waste if your personality isn’t up to par. 

How can future followers and supporters connect with you? Give us all of your social media, website and contact info.

IG:  Callme_Jmarie
email: BookingsJMarie -

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