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What’s good man? Life, music, it's been great.

Let our readers know your name and the meaning behind it? Kayda K Da7. My name is a reflection of self. You are literally saying my name twice. The seven stands for god. It’s from the supreme mathematics. I am one of the 5% nation.

How long have you been doing music? Since a child, but as I matured I then took it serious.

What made you fall in love with hip hop? The art of poetry and sound together. I was always complimented on my word play and creativity. I love what the great's did with American history with hip-hop

I know you grew up in Fort Lauderdale. What was that like coming up as a kid? It was a challenge, even till this day. I grew up in a infamous neighborhood, the 319, driftwood, or like the OG say the pink and partments. Always said in my hood you never leave even when you die because it’s a graveyard across the street. 99% of every household was single mother parenting. So you do the math!

Who were some artist that you looked up to? Common, Jeezy, Outkast, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, The Game, 50 Cent, & Ice Cube.

When did you make the decision in your life that you wanted to be a full time rapper? When I was 15, I made up mind like this the shit I’m good at, fuck sports, I can be great with this, buy mamma a new car big estate with this.

You put a lot of your life in your music. How have your experiences made your music better? Truth is always better than a lie. You feel music better when you can hear a song about a person’s life and relate to it. My music became more realistic because of life and my struggles with life. I stayed sharp.

Jam pony express is a legendary crew how did you link up with them? My mom's ex-husband is one of the members of Diamond D. So I always was a big fan and knew a few of the members when I was young. I got a high respect for them. Legends. Wrote the song “Jam Pony Express” sent it to a few members and it stuck like glue, they took it and ran with it, and it was History. I wanted to introduce the new generation to the old and it worked.

Talk to me about the ADR mixtape. What kind of response did you get to that project? A good one, it was actually my first solo mixtape I put together with “house of hits”.”ADR” means Attack Destroy Rebuild.

Is ADR going to be a series you drop every year? Yea, it’s my brand my name, me. Volumes of dope music to come. It’s like taking a story and making music with the story.

We see you are doing a lot of work with lGBN, what’s is your relationship with them? My family. My brother Gawd, I been down in the mud wit for a decade now. I watched him go from the streets to building a multi-million-dollar business. I just stuck to the plan and stayed down. That’s what stand up guys do. We talk business then we talk family, in that order.

Your new single "When I pull up" has been getting major traction in the streets. Tell us about that single and who produced it? The song was produced by my brother Big Yoink and wrote by him. He let me hear it one night in the studio and I was blowed and he asked me to give him a verse. I wrote my verse went in and droped it. Rite after we decided to put on the “Da Real EP”

What can we expect from your new EP? This is hip-hop, down south, and golden era at its best. All original music my own sound and bars. Just bars everywhere! All knowledge wisdom and understanding thru good music.

What made you title "Da Real"? 
Actually, Aa Real EP is the full title. I called it the Da Real Extended Play for self-explanatory. I didn’t want to limit myself to 5 records, it is my own version of an EP. I’m a universal mc, I don’t have limitations when it comes to making good music.

Are you looking to get signed by a major or stay indie? With me it’s like this I approach all with consideration of my people with me. If it’s good for us, meaning my team then yea I’ll go major, if not I’m sticking to indie.

Who are some of the producers on the project? Dsappondabeat and Big Yoink are my main producer's on this project. Dsapp another Florida juggernaut I was blessed with Executive Produced the EP, I co-executive produced, and Big Yoink banged out 30% of the production as well. I got heavy hitters, GBN we working.

How would you describe your sound? Sonic, a southern sound. Original. No formula. Organic. Hip-hop at its finest.

How do you feel about Broward County starting to make some noise with the success of Kodak, Kent Jones and others? Proud, Kodak on his way to be great. Lil hommie deserve every bit of it, but Kent Jones I never heard of gotta check for him.

What artist or producers do you want to collaborate with in the future? 9th Wounder, Big Krit, Dsappondabeat, and Big Yoink.

What are your goals you want to accomplish in this music game? My main one is to build a foundation and lucrative platform for my children and people. Open up doors for my people and family. That’s what it’s about.

After this ep what other projects should we be on the lookout for? Big Yoink gotta hot tape dropping soon that we working on now. ADR vol2 will be dropping also. A lot of good music will be hitting ya air waves. We working lGBN.

Where can people check out your music? Goggle Kayda K Da7, sound cloud, itunes, cdbaby, datpiff. Check for me I’m out here. Youtube channel kaydak7, gots some dope visuals on there, I’m pretty dope!

Do you have any final words? Da Real EP may 27th. Cop that new single “When I pull up” produced by Big Yoink out now. I’m Kayda K Da7, peace

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