The International Queen of Fitness: Sue Lasmar

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The fitness industry is now a multibillion dollar industry with the emergence of social media, apparel and entrepreneurship. Personal trainers, fitness models, and fitness brands are leveraging serious cash flow through their social media accounts. There are quite a few top fitness models and ambassador in the business but few have accomplished what Sue Lasmar has been able to do in such a short time. Sue has become the “It” girl when it comes to fitness. You can’t scroll down your Instagram timeline without seeing her picture with the hashtag #goals or #wcw. Her sexy photos, inspiring training videos, and beautiful smile have truly captivated the fitness community.

What is was it like growing up in Brazil?
I was in Brazil till my early teens, so I really don't remember much though. 

Did you play any sports growing up?
Oh yeah, I used to play all kinds! Any sports they had at school I was the one first in line! I have always loved it! 

Why is fitness so popular I'm Brazil?
I guess Brazilian men and women are just too conceited. So we like to be good looking and for us is very important to keep it healthy. One way or another that calls attention for the fitness industry. 

You often post before pictures of what you used to look like. What inspired you to change your lifestyle and dedicate your life to fitness?
Myself. Honesty one day I woke up and wanted to change! I had Always trained hard but hardest for me has always been dieting. Once I got my diet on track, my body had huge changes! 

What was your reaction when you started seeing your first results?
Amazed! I just couldn't believe my body could respond to those different things I was doing. 

Every January millions of gym memberships are created and by the end of January they are canceled lol. What kept you motivated to remain dedicated to your training?
The results I could get ... What I mean is; until people understand that if they don't focus and Pursue and keep on going ... They won't get results ... They will stop before something happens. There aren't results without sacrifice and that's for everything in life!  

You inspire millions of women across the world. How does that make you feel?
Great! (Laughs) I mean, I am charming people's lives ... So that is awesome! Couldn't be happier! 

When you started on your fitness journey did you think you were going to become such a big role model in the fitness community?
Oh yeah, no doubt! (Laughs) I swear! I am not being creepy here... I am just being honest! There's no way this couldn't be a hit! I am cool, communicative, used to be chubby ... Showed and still do the truth about things ... Well, basically people get involved by true and strong lifestyle ... Real life you know ... Not being fake! I am that! 

In all of your photos you are always smiling and full of joy. Are you naturally just a fun outgoing person?
I said... I am cool though! (Laughs) I am always like that ... Even when things go wrong.

Tell us about your fit by sue apparel?
My baby!!!!!! My life!!!! My project ... My goal is to make people train cuter while spending less! is a life story full of style! 

What kind of music do you listen to during your workouts? 
Either hip hop or house music! 

You take so amazing photos. Who are some of your favorite photographers to work with?
Ohrangutang is for sure my favorite in the states! Mike makes me Sue In the roots! lol you know ??? Love his work and dedication and also Cristina Pilo, his wife and makeup artist, also my beloved friend is so talented ... That I am always prettier with them! lol And in Brazil, Rogerio Tonello. Love his work! He shoots for my gear. 

What are your favorite snacks to eat on cheat days?
Oh boy... Any kind of ice cream! Lol and Cheetos! I know ... That's baaaaad! 

Do you ever have days when you don't feel like working out?
Hum... No. Honestly. If I don't train, I get in such a bad mood! I got to do something ... Surfing, skating ... Anything.

What is your favorite pre workout and protein powder?
Any that works! Lol 

People are obsessed with your quads. What work outs can people do to gain results?
Well, great food, heavy weights... Good Resting days! That's the key! 

How many days of week do you work out?
All of them! 

You have a lot of friends in the fitness community. Do you guys share workout tips with each other?
Well, we do! We got to share what's good! 

Who are some people you look up to in the fitness industry?
Honestly, no one! I like being different! Hate to be the same so I just don't follow anyone's path. lol I mean, don't get me wrong ! 

Will you be in any competitions this summer?
I am not competing anymore! Too much bullshit.

You still have your sex appeal and curves. How are you able to maintain your curves with such hardcore work outs?
Cheetos and ice cream every now and then (laughs) 

Will you be making any fitness DVDs?
I do it already for my YouTube Chanel! 

What advice would you give to women trying to get in shape and change their lifestyle?
Look yourself in the mirror and be honest to what makes you feel good. The focus for me is to be confident enough to walk around naked if I have to and feel dam good! (Laughs) 

Our readers wants to know if there will be a sue Lasmar calendar coming soon?
I wishhhhh! Can you believe that I have never gotten a proposal for that??? 

Do you have any final words?

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