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J Dilla Weekend 2016

Written by Veda Chand
J Dilla Weekend J Dilla Weekend
New York New York, the birthplace of hip hop, where the greats were born and the pulse of the industry beats. I always found it funny how everything comes full circle though. While New York was the supposed birthplace, cities like Detroit, and Miami were all buzzing with their own influences. February 5th-7th marks the second annual J Dilla Weekend in Miami, FL. The north and South have always battled for musical recognition. For a long time, the North or “East Coast” sound was dominating the industry. However, the South made its inevitable rise to the top. Musical legends are now being acknowledged for their contributions, such as Miami trendsetter Uncle Luke, The correlation between J Dilla and Uncle Luke is not as distant as some may think. Uncle Luke, being the king of all things Freaknik, was a staple in the strip clubs. Rumor has it that the world-renowned producer, Dilla, also loved frequenting the gentlemen’s clubs. This isn’t the only correlation between Dilla and Miami though. I believe it stretches far past the legendary producer. I think that the cultural influences of music is always reflected on whatever region is shining at the moment. For example, Atlanta was leading the pack with its trendy dances, production, and “trap” flow. Many people took notice, and larger corporations began to set up shop i.e. Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, BET Hip Hop Awards, and of course the A3C festival. But now I believe its Miami’s turn to shine in another light. Miami has always been the destination spot. People traveled here, used the resources, and sucked us dry. The shift, enhanced by the young creatives pushing the culture forward, plays a major part in the success of this city’s music scene. Events such as Dilla Weekend bridge the gap between the commercial success and the independent grind of the local music scene. Dilla Weekend serves as a catalyst for hip hop lovers everywhere to get a taste of the music they fell in love with, and to be introduced to a wave of new artists putting out quality music. The transitions are certain, and the fact that Miami is hosting J Dilla Weekend further lets people know, this city is more than South Beach, we have something to say. Visit for tickets and more info.
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