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TEEN THOUGHTS: Time Management

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Time Management

When the new semester rolls around, teenagers always say, “I’m going to do better” or “This time around, I’m going to do things differently.” However, we usually don’t follow through with these thoughts and repeat our actions of the last semester all over again. Well, to stop this continuous cycle of repetition, I’m going to enlighten you with some ways to improve the second half of your school year.

Time management is an important part of having a successful semester. Many teenagers are proclaimed procrastinators and use that as an excuse for not doing the best of their ability on school work. To be honest, I’m a procrastinator myself, but I use easy tips to help me work on a schedule. When you are given an assignment, look for the date that it is due. Make a schedule that will enable you to work on the assignment without stressing yourself out. For example, if you are given an assignment on Monday and it’s due the following Monday, create a schedule that allows you to work on the assignment a little each day. This way you won’t be working on the assignment in one day or at the last minute. Always leave time for you to relax and reflect instead of stressing.

“If I don’t relax sometimes between working, I get frustrated and just stop working all together.” –
Richard A. 15

Doing school work on the weekends is not the best way to spend your “free time”. So, if possible, instead of coming home on Friday’s and watching television all evening, try to get your work done so it can be out of sight and out of mind over the weekend.

Prioritizing your work is another helpful tip to keep in mind this semester. When you put in order your work by importance or by the amount of time you have before the assignments are due, you are able to get things done more efficiently. It doesn’t make since to do an assignment that is due on Tuesday first when you also have an assignment due on Monday.

“When I have more than one assignment due in one week, I try to do the assignment due first before the other one.” - Samantha M. 16

Also, prioritize your work by the amount of time it takes to complete the assignment. Do the work that takes longer first and then the work that takes less time. This way, if you start running out of time to get it finished, you are able to complete the least time consuming assignment in the short amount of time that you have left.

Planning ahead is one of my most useful tips this semester. Future planning allows you to work towards goals and look ahead for what needs to be done in order to reach those goals. Setting goals for the future takes time and effort in order for those goals to be met. No one has ever gotten anything by saying, “I want to do something,” then it falls into their lap. You must plan ways for the goals to be achieved. If you want to earn an A in Algebra, pay attention in class, study daily, and do the work. If you want to balance school work and sports, plan when to do work and when to practice sports.

“If I have football practice after school, I still make sure my homework gets done no matter how tired I [may] be when I get home.” - Karlton W. 16

Everything has to be worked towards before you can accomplish it. You can’t always expect things just to come to you before putting in the effort it takes to achieve it first.

So, with these helpful tips, try to improve your semester (and your life) by ending the repetitious cycle of procrastination. I hope you take these tips into consideration and allow time management to work for you.

Remember, the choices YOU make today, shape OUR world tomorrow.
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