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Have you ever heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for"? Ever wonder why people use that saying? Ever wondered about how you can focus on something happening and it does? August is here, and with the month comes the beginning of a brand new school year. This month, I want to guide you on how to create a successful school year using the power of your mind.

Not a lot of people, let alone teenagers, know the power they truly posses. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially when you can be using it to get anything you want. The last statement was not a "type-o". You can use your mind to get anything you want. You can use this power to have the best school year ever, if you follow these steps.

Before the school year starts, create goals that you would like to achieve before the school year ends. Use a journal to keep your goals in order. When you create your goals and write them down, put them in present tense as if it is already in progress. For example, one on my personal goals that I want to achieve this year is to earn straight A's in all four quarters. When I write down this goal, I will write it in present tense; I am making straight A's this school year. When you write your goal in this form, you are signaling your mind, body, spirit, and surroundings to assume that you have already made this accomplishment.

This form of goal achievement is called manifestation. To manifest something means to create using your mind, emotions, and actions. Using manifestation to obtain success or some other form of achievement in school is one of the best ways to reach the level you wish to excel at. Manifestation is more than writing down your goals, it’s living in the moment as if you have already achieved your goals. Emotions that you may feel when those goals are met, such as happiness and excitement, are the emotions that make success gravitate to you. Certain actions that you take to obtain these goals are also making your goals gravitate into your life. If you have a goal of earning an ‘A’ on a project that you have been assigned, you would want to write down the goal in present tense, act out emotions of achievement, and take certain actions that insure that the goal will be met. Things that you want do not just fall into your lap while you’re sitting home watching television. You must prepare your life for what is to come. I want to make straight A’s all year; I just can’t sit at home and daydream about school starting. I have to get prepared by looking into the classes I’m going to take; examine my future teacher’s expectations for the class and I must get a head start.

Now that school is approaching, I asked some friends of mine what kind of preparations are they taking for the upcoming year.

“I’m taking an [Advance Placement] class this year and I really didn’t know what to expect. So, I found out what teacher I was going to have and e-mailed him asking him questions about the class.” – Diamond R. 16

“My parents are making me get tutoring and I have to go to the library every Tuesday to keep up with my studies. I don’t like it now, but I know it will pay off eventually.” – Qualey S. 16

“I already started doing homework for one of my [Advanced Placement] classes. We had homework over the summer and it gave me an idea on what to expect for the class.” – Giovanni F. 17

Manifestation is just one of many ways to conjure your goals into existence. Now that the summer is ending and the school year is approaching, it’s time to put our minds into action to achieve our many goals in life. Remember: set goals, feel the emotions, and act upon them. It’s that easy. I hope my words of enlightenment help you start the year off on the right foot and if you thought this article was helpful, don’t keep it to yourself; pass it along because, “The choices WE make today, shape OUR world tomorrow.”

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