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During the summer, teenagers meet new people, begin new relationships, and continue building on current ones. This is a good thing that may turn sour if you don’t know simple rules on keeping fun, open relationships. This month, I want to discuss teenage relationships between family, friends, and boy/girlfriends.

Keeping a relationship that was formed during the school year may be difficult to maintain during the summer. Most of us, on the last day of school, make statements such as, “We have to go do something over the summer!” or “When are we gonna go hang out?” However, sometimes these premeditated plans are never followed through with. Here’s a couple of ways to keep a good relationship going over the summer. First, don’t make promises that you may not keep. When you create plans to go out with a friend (boy or girlfriend) on the last day of school, you really don’t know what may happen over the summer that may prevent you from doing what you planned. Second, make it a point to have some form of communication over the break. Telephone calls, e-mail’s, ims, and text messages are perfect ways to keep in touch with your friends. Third, plan on doing activities that are entertaining and fun so that you won’t be bored. You don’t want to go do something where you’re just sitting down looking at each other wondering, “What should we do next?” I asked a couple of people how they keep their relationships going over the break.

I phone, e-mail, text, send postal mail (if it’s that serious). - Diamond R. 16

Well, I mainly text. Everyone has a phone now-a-days, so I just send a text saying, “Wats up?” - Brittany M. 16

Keeping in touch is one thing, but smothering your relationship is another situation that can cause a breakdown. You want to keep your relationships going, but don’t nag the person so much that they’re thinking, “How can I get this girl/boy off my back?!” You should always know your boundaries in any relationship. Sometimes when you cross these boundaries, the person feels offended or uncomfortable in the relationship. That’s one thing that you don’t want to happen in a progressing relationship. I asked some friends if this ever happen to them, and if so, how did they deal with the situation.

Yeah, that has happened to me before. I sat [that person] down, told them how I felt, without being offensive, and [the person] totally understood. [The person] apologized and asked if we could start over. - Jade M. 16

Actually, I’m the type of person that can become very annoying in any relationship. People tend to deal with me by telling how they feel and I make my nagging problem known at the beginning of any relationship so that we’re on the same page. - Indiria S. 16

Over the break, try to make the best of your relationships. Keep in touch, but don’t invade their space to the point that they may feel offended. This summer vacation may make or break a blossoming relationship, so make certain decisions that benefit your relationships and keep them going. If you feel that this article was helpful to you, don’t keep it to yourself, spread the word because remember, “The choices YOU make today, shape OUR world tomorrow.”

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