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Teen Thoughts: Global Warming

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Teen Thoughts Global Warming Nine5Four The Magazine June 2008For the last couple of years, at one point in our science classes, our teachers have mentioned Global Warming. Teachers go over Global Warming in class for probably a day then move on to another subject. But with that little mention of the situation, are we as students educated enough about the situation? I don’t think so. Leaders say that this generation is the first generation that has all the power to solve the problems in the world due to the type of technology and skills we discover and develop now in our lifetime. But before we can change any problems in the world such as Global Warming, we must first educate ourselves about the situations. So, this month, I’m going to discuss Global Warming; what exactly it is, how it’s caused, and how we can solve the problem.

Global Warming is the issue of the Earth increasing in temperature over time. For the last couple of years, the Earth’s temperature has increased from year to year at alarming rates causing the Earth’s weather patterns to respond in extreme ways, such as major hurricanes and droughts in various parts of the world. What most people don’t know about Global Warming is that supposed causes make it much of a theory more than fact. It is fact that the Earth’s temperature has risen over the years, but putting the blame on pollution and ozone depletion has been in debate. Some scientists believe that the Earth is really just going through a stage that is similar to the one it went through after the Ice Age. Other scientists go with the theory that because of the constant increase of pollution that we put in our atmosphere, we are the reason why the Earth’s temperature is rising at an alarming rate. Pollution from our factories, vehicles, and even smoking, comes together in the atmosphere and becomes very harmful after being heating by the sun. This heating of the chemicals create a huge microwave affect that heats the Earth and disturb the weather patterns and its normal functions. But even if Global Warming isn’t caused by our pollution, we are still held responsible for polluting our Earth especially when there are plenty of alternative ways to generate equal, if not more, energy that we need through processes that are much safer for our environment and the Earth’s well being.

Assuming that Global Warming is caused by pollution and other common factors, scientists have discovered ways to maintain our normal ways of living without polluting our environment. One of these ways is to start using hydro and solar energy more frequently to generate electricity for our homes, businesses and transportation. And even though these options are available, we still don’t use them because so many of us are not educated about this or simply don’t care because the effects of what we’re doing to our environment now won’t be seen until our adulthood years and thereafter. With this knowledge, we as teenagers should start taking the initiative to use such technologies in order to make our tomorrow a better place to live. But, how can we do this? There are several organizations throughout the U.S. that sponsor teenagers that want to promote these ideas and are looking for ways to make a change, especially on the issue of Global Warming. It’s just up to you to use the technologies and resources to find these groups and become part of them to make your mark on the world. You can even create an organization yourself starting in your school and branching out to other businesses as sponsors and supporters.

Global Warming is a major issue that is being discussed in our environmental and political systems throughout the world. Since we are the leaders of tomorrow, we should start developing leadership skills now and take a stand against Global Warming and promote ways to solve this problem. But before any problem can be solved, we must be educated about the situation and with that, I advise every reader to take it upon yourselves to find out more information about Global Warming and ways to spread the word about the issue. If you thought this article was informative and helpful, don’t keep it to yourself, spread the word, because the choices YOU make today, shape OUR world tomorrow.

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