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TEEN THOUGHTS: Extra Curricular Activities

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In high school, teenagers look at extra curricular activities as a way to do something else in school besides the regular required classes. Many have no clue about the beneficial aspects of participating in extra curricular activities. These activities can open so many doors for you in the future and help you succeed in upcoming obstacles. Why do I need to participate in extra curricular activities? What extra curricular activities should I look into? Can these activities help me get into college? These are the questions that will be answered for you this month.


When you apply for college, they look at your GPA, the classes you took, your test scores and the kinds of extra curricular activities you participated in. Many students fail to realize that when it comes to getting into a good college or university, you must achieve more than just a good GPA. Colleges and universities look for well-rounded students. They look for students who excel in and out of the classroom. Let me give you an example. When you apply for a job, you want to have as much experience in a lot of different areas. When you have these different backgrounds of experience, you are more likely to get the job because you may be used for many other things at the job. I asked a couple of students how they feel about extra curricular activities and how it affects them.


“I think extra curricular activities are good because they sometimes help you let off some steam. You know, you need a break sometimes from homework and you just need to do something fun.” - Marci V. 17



“I personally don't participate in extra curricular activities because I live far way from school, but I would really like to get involved because I heard it looks good on a college transcript.” - Amirah A. 16



Some extra curricular activities that look good on a college application are Student Government Association, language clubs, Business Professionals of America (BPA), Crime Watch, and Future Educators of America. These activities are well respected when it comes to seeing if a student has been challenged and to see if a student takes the initiative to get the work done. If you may not know about any extra curricular activities in your school, ask around or even make a visit to your guidance counselor for help. Guidance counselors are there to help you and will give you instruction on how to succeed in the future.


Sports are another way to get recognized by a good college or university. Not only do colleges and universities acknowledge the fact that you participated in a sport, but you may even get a scholarship for being an excellent athlete. Of course not everyone is talented enough to depend entirely on an athletic scholarship to get into a college, therefore getting involved with as many activities as possible is the right way to go. Extra curricular activities not only look good on a transcript but it gets you involved with friends too. I found some athletes and asked them how sports are helping them.


“I'm a runner. I'm in track and my coach thinks I'm really good at it. I'm a junior and he's helping me get noticed by scouts that may want me for their colleges.” - Jeremy H. 17


“When you play sports it teaches you how to work with a team and teaches you how to balance work and play.” - Septembra L. 17


This month I hope you recognized the importance of getting involved with extra curricular activities and how it can benefit you in the future. If you feel that this article was helpful to you, don't keep it to yourself, spread the word because remember, the choices YOU make today, shape OUR world tomorrow.

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